“DTF” by The Game

September 13, 2018



If any of you ever see me in person you would agree that I am the least qualified person, probably on this planet, to give this review. I am not even going to touch the topic of my lack of experience, instead I am going to comment on my rap preference. Believe it or not, I am mostly a fan of old school rap. I know, I know. Most people laugh or judge me when I say that; however, no one can resist the genius that is Young MC’s “Bust a Move.”


I can not even begin to describe how uncomfortable I feel listening to popular rap. I know a lot of people out there are only looking for one thing in a relationship, and if that is you, and if the other person understands that and is ok with it...Then have at it. But personally, I am looking for something more meaningful and long term. So needless to say, as catchy as it may be, actually going through and reading the lyrics to any popular rap song now-in-days is just depressing. And the lyrics of the song “DTF” by The Game, follow this trend exactly. From the standpoint of a woman, I do not want to be listening to songs that only view girls as objects used for pleasure. In addition, I also find it a bit funny how a man could write a song like this and be praised for it, but if a female rapper sang anything like this people would label her negatively. 


If you like songs like this because of the beat or the instrumental music, then awesome. But I would hope that not everyone actually views people this way. And I would hope, that music like this would not condition people over time. Since it is clear that the more people listen or watch something, the more they accept it as a societal norm. And if people are listening to this type of rap religiously, then I personally feel that they become desensitized to the material being presented to them. And this type of desensitization, can make people see reviews like this as nothing but feminist garbage. But I promise you even though I am a proud feminist, there is more to this than just feminism. My comments right now are simply about respect on a very basic level.


I am not naive. I know that old school rap was not much better than this new style; however, I prefer subliminal slang any day over “in your face vulgarity.”


If you are like me you enjoy listening to music based on your mood, and I think we all know what type of a mood you have to be in to listen to “DTF.”



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