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"Boston" provides an escape from what's familiar

Updated: Feb 24

By Sebastien Caron

Owl City (Adam Young) performing at the Bowery Ballroom. Photo Credit: Kevin from NY, USA, CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Owl City released a new single, dubbed “Boston," on Feb. 9; it has reached over 400,000 plays on YouTube and Spotify combined.

Owl City was originally formed by singer and songwriter Adam Young in Owatonna, Minnesota. He has produced hits such as “Fireflies” and “Good Time." The unique sounds and instrumentals performed by Owl City have left a memorable impression on millions.

Since September of 2023, Owl City has been on his “To the Moon” tour with piano rock band Augustana. This collaboration has left a positive impression on Young, as Owl City's latest single, “Boston,” is a beautiful and distinctly Owl City-flavored cover of a song from Augustana’s 2003 album, "Midwest Skies and Sleepless Mondays." 

The heartfelt lyrics detail the perspective of the singer going through a breakup with a girl. In the song, he sings the words the girl said to him during their separation. Revealing to him her pain and desire for someone who truly understands her, the girl's discontent leads her to seek greener pastures in Boston, Massachusetts, where she believes she will find a better life in a place where no one knows who she is. 

"Boston” elucidates the very real human experience of wishing to find your way in a new place, away from hurtful memories that cause pain. Even if those around you can help, many do not understand the true pain you are experiencing. That is the beauty of this song: by capturing human emotion and organizing it beautifully, Young influences us to remember times we have felt as the girl did and connects us to the story.

While “Boston” is a cover, the distinct sound of Owl City amplifies an already pleasing and meaningful tune. The emotions conveyed through its sound and lyrics will surely be loved by those who listen.

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