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Dua Lipa's "Training Season" Empowers and Energizes

By Dylan Austen

Justin Higuchi from Los Angeles, CA, USA, CC BY 2.0

Dua Lipa has delivered another powerhouse track with her latest release, "Training Season." This vibrant song showcases Lipa's incredible vocal prowess and serves as an anthem of resilience. With a heart-pounding beat and reassuring lyrics, "Training Season" is going to be a song to keep in rotation all of February.

Right from the start, the intro gets your ears' attention and your foot tapping. Pulsating synths, and driving percussion create a dynamic backdrop for Lipa's vocals to take the stage as the song progresses. The verses have a focus on the synth and strings as Lipa questions the choices she's made in the past with the people she's been with. The chorus turns up the bass and percussion as she tells the audience what she wants.

The lyrics of the song convey something most people have felt: disappointment after comparing relationships to the perfect person we all imagine. Lipa starts the first verse like it's a conversation in her head, questioning what she sees in someone. Then, she lists her requirements in the chorus. However, Lipa seems determined to hold out for Prince Charming to come, and she's done dealing with people she has to compromise for.

Overall, "Training Season" is another triumph for Lipa. With its infectious beats, empowering lyrics and stand out vocals, the song is getting the excitement up for her new album's release slated for later in the year. It's a reminder to never give up on what you want and will make a great addition to any playlist. Lipa continues to prove herself as one of pop music's brightest stars, and "Training Season" is yet another example of her undeniable talent.

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