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Song Review: "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift had been trending all winter on Tik Tok because of a trend using her 2009 song, “Love Story”. In the wake of this revival, Swift has announced that she has re-recorded her album, Fearless, and to debut the news has dropped a 2021 rendition of “Love Story”.

“Love Story” begins with a plucking banjo played softly with accents of a plucked violin. With this intro, Swift begins her first verse discussing a forbidden romance. She describes how she is waiting for her “Romeo” and how her father is preventing her from a relationship when she sings, “And my daddy said, ‘stay away from Juliet’”. As the song progresses, so does the melody. Through remarks of ball gowns and tears, the song picks up and adds heavier drums and the accompaniment of lively strings. The chorus is classic to upbeat country in the way that it is energetic and rustic. Swift sings, “Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone / I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run / You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess / It's a love story, baby, just say ‘Yes’”. After the chorus the song remains slightly upbeat but reclaims its full energy during the chorus. By the end of the song, we learn that her love proposes and he gets the dad’s blessing in a happily ever after love story.

The song is the exact same as the 2009 version. It is just a better quality. All of the country flair is included in the instrumentation and the romantic rock of the melody. The sweet and hopeful lyrics are classic for Swift. Anyone who loved her before will continue to love her now. Listeners that enjoy country or sweet and simple romances will like this song.

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