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Song Review: "Kiss Me More" by Doja Cat ft. SZA

Doja Cat did it again. After an incredible Grammy's performance just a couple weeks before, Doja Cat dropped a new song with the one and only SZA. Is there a better match? I think not. Doja Cat's song "Kiss Me More" has stolen my heart and you should listen to it.

"Kiss Me More" starts with some alternating, softly synthesized piano and guitar. It's really weird but it's like a cloudy 80's pop princess. It has the same vibes of "Say So" but cuter. After a quick intro, Doja Cat comes in with her beautiful falsetto telling me about the things that she loves to do with her partner, but as the title states, she just wants them to kiss her more. It's a very simple premise but I think it's fun.

After that introductory verse, she goes in with her bars. Obviously they are very good. This then cycles back into the chorus and follows that general pattern of soft choruses and fire raps. SZA then comes in with some entrancing vocals. She had a few lines of her own that she really went in on.

When it comes to the actual instrumentation of the song, its very repetitive and has the same background 1,2,1,2 pattern with some plucked electric guitar and some heavy drums breaking up the background melody. It's a fairly simple song that lowkey reminds me of Candyland.

Although it's simple, it's one of those songs where you learn the chorus after the first listen and then know it forever. I have been playing it at least 3 times a day, everyday, for the past week, and am still loving it. If you like Doja Cat you will love this song. It's super catchy and very cute. I recommend that everyone give it a listen.

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