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Song Review - Genius

Updated: Jan 9

By: Samantha Valentin

“Genius” is a song that blew up from Tiktok, a certain portion being used in these videos all the time. After I heard that snippet, I really wanted to listen to the whole thing. It didn't take too long to find but I was shocked by the amount of people who contributed to this song. “Genius” was made by an artist group that goes by the name of LSD. I honestly couldn’t find much on the group LSD but from what I understand the group is made up of Sia, Diplo and Labrinth. They decided to make a “supergroup” as they called it and came out with this song on their debut album. They are all credited on the songs as well as the group they are all in which made it confusing for me personally to find anything. I was seeing LSD with the 3 members not realizing they were LSD. Nonetheless, knowing that now didn’t make it easier to find any more information. Wikipedia and their short Spotify bio were the only sources I could find on them as a group so I would suggest checking out their Wikipedia, but just know to take everything it says with a grain of salt.

I don’t think they’re still very active, the last album posted was in 2019, but all the songs they have are definitely worth checking out. My favorite and the one being reviewed today is “Genius”. I think the song as a whole is just so pleasing to listen to and the lyrics are cleverly written as well.


“O-o-only a genius could love a woman like she,

I'mma ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-genius

A ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-genius

A ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-ge-genius


He's a genius


Cause I love a woman like you”

This part in particular is the portion I was continuously hearing online and my favorite part of the song. People have lots of freedom to use this sound to express their love for certain people or joke around and maybe express their love for fries. Either way, I was in love with the trend.

One thing about these TikTok sounds is that it's a real hit or miss on the full song after hearing a section you like. I can confidently say I think the entire song lives up to the hype. For me, the song gives off a sense of confidence and I love listening to this out and about to feel my best. I am not into this type of upbeat and pop music but this song really got to me. It sticks out like crazy in my playlist but no matter your type of music I suggest giving this song a listen.

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