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Song Review: "Family Van" by Cleopatrick

Updated: Jan 6

With a distinct attitude from the very beginning of the track, “Family Van” by Cleopatrick quickly develops a “look-at-me-now” attitude. Rather appropriately, the Canadian duo reflects on the doubt and uncertainty they were faced with before rising to fame in this song.

Characterized by stressed vocals and a buzzing guitar, the song carries a rather unusual but interesting rhythm that almost falters in the very beginning of the song before settling into the chorus. I also noticed that the drum patterns seem to mimic the guitar which ultimately takes lead, allowing the drums to act as a backbone. Developing a compelling dynamic, I found the song extremely effective as the pulsating guitar riff seems to marry the angsty, neurotic vocals rather naturally.

As intense as each musical component sounds individually, I really admire how natural and cohesive the stress in this song feels. While “Family Van” maintains a heavy, clashing tone, the noise is seemingly controlled. The rage expressed by the bandmates goes beyond irrational impulse and has reached a level of sophistication which is noteworthy indeed. And through the clever expression of this heat, the song becomes a rather catchy, appealing experience for the listener who is invited to rage along and to possibly flip the bird to their fellow haters. (:

Friends since childhood, the duo definitely demonstrates a significant understanding for one another’s abilities and musical sound. It is evident that the bond they share in real life ultimately allows the mates to connect on a higher level musically and to clearly communicate their message without letting the rawness of their emotion get lost in translation.

Overall, the track reminds us to stay humble and remember where we came from. Further, the song also gives us permission to embrace our energetic attitude towards life, embracing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“Family Van” is a noisy experiencing worth embracing

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