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Zach Bryan’s Newest Installment: Zach Bryan

Updated: Jan 9

By: Liana Darling

Zach Bryan is a young troubadour who enjoys making music that tells his life's stories in a way that people can relate to. In his newest album, Zach Bryan, he does just this. He released this 16-track album on August 25th. This album delivers 54 minutes of heartfelt music that many people can enjoy.

While the first track on this album is not what most people would consider a typical song, it does a fantastic job of setting up the mood and messages for the following tracks. “Fear and Fridays (Poem)” is a song about personal growth and overcoming certain hardships. This song may not be one that is listened to on repeat, but the song is quite essential to the album.

My favorite track on the album is titled “I Remember Everything”. This song features Kacey Musgraves and is currently the most popular song on the album. In this song, Zach and Kacey do a fantastic job of conveying how certain shared experiences can have a large impact on a person's life. Zach spends the first part of the song telling the story of a relationship from his point of view, and in the second verse, Kacey gives her narrative. This song combines a thoughtful story with great vocals and production.

I personally enjoy music that I can relate to and that carries a lot of emotion. Zach Bryan does a great job at doing this for a majority of his songs. He has only released music for about four years. During this time, he has acquired a large following and has quickly grown to be one of the most popular current country artists. It is obvious that he still has a lot to give. For right now though, I am happy to listen to his album, Zach Bryan, on repeat.

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