• kjone12

"Sunsets & Full Moons" by The Script

The Script has been consistent with bringing nostalgic ballads to the music industry since 2008. They have just released a brand new nine-track album called “Sunsets & Full Moons”, which is filled with heartwarming songs that will tug at everyone’s heart strings and wrap you right around the bands finger! The platinum selling Irish band has made an impact yet again with this album, first by opening up with a very dance worthy song “Something unreal”. This first track showcases the feeling of wanting a change in life. I’ve been drinking till I’m sober, I’ve been getting real high. Lead singer Danny O’Donoghue clearly is searching for something different life. On the side of the spectrum is a low-fi, mellow and smooth song “If You Don’t Love Yourself”. This lovely pop song is about the importance of self-love and how you are the most important person in your life. You are always supposed to come first. The Script doesn’t usually differentiate their sound throughout their six albums but the fifth track on the album “Hurt People Hurt People” brings a smooth acoustic guitar into the mix, along with a catchy chorus that will stay inside your head all day. My personal favorite on this album is the sixth track “Same Time”. I’m a mess, I go to sleep with my phone on my chest/ Just in case you send one more late-night text/ the one that says, “Let’s forgive and forget”. These lyrics will hit the heart harder than any of the other songs on this album. Everyone has spent those nights staying up late at night waiting for that text message and staying up at ridiculous hours just to talk to their favorite person. The Script obviously worked very hard on this album and their hard work has certainly paid off in the end. The songs are very true to life with quality instrumentation and unaffected vocals that make for a very natural progression. The Script has constantly been coming out for songs that are made for the underdog in every story. All these songs make sense to at least one person and everyone can relate to any of these well thought out pop songs. With A perfect balance of faster and slower songs, The Script have outdone themselves this go around, turning lose and sorrow into a triumphant listening experience. I recommend this album to anyone who is looking for a mellow but fun pick-me-up song! Rating: 3.5/5

-Alexis Holleran