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Song Reviews 9/25/19

Daniel Curry

Allergic by Post Malone-

Off of Post Malone's third studio album 'Hollywood's Bleeding', Allergic is a fun sounding track, with some darker lyrics contrasting the fast paced and energetic instrumentals. "I took your pills and your drugs just to feel something else 'Cause I can't feel you no more" Post's intros to the choruses addresses the main point of the song. His recent love interest has left him feeling numb and empty, and he needs to fill the void with his habits or his "demons" as he says. On the chorus, Post uses soft drums and bass to convey the floaty and empty feeling that he sings about. Towards the end, Post leaves the listener drifting out of the song, ending the track on the high and dreamy tone that he wants to feel. 3.5/5

You Can't Stop The Girl by Bebe Rexha-

Bebe Rexha's You Can't Stop the Girl is a powerful song about empowerment and dedication. This track's lyrics mainly focus on a protagonist, "The Girl" maintaining perseverant and determined while facing and unknown opposition. Bebe Rexha's powerful voice drives home the entire theme of the song, giving the listener an inspired feeling. The instrumentals include a soft piano but gradually adds bass and drums to coincide with Rexha's increasing volume and strength in her singing. You Can't Stop the Girl is featured on the soundtrack for Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. 4/5

Alexis Holleran

Memories by Maroon 5-

Maroon 5 is one of those groups that just has the ability to make almost every single one of their songs get to the top of the charts. ‘Memories’ is no different when it comes to the classic calm but very memorable style that Maroon 5 manifests. ‘Memories’ has a nostalgic feel that talks about missing someone that been out of your life for a long time. Adam Levine obviously lost someone in his life, but he acknowledges that ‘everything is going to be alright’. This track isn’t the normal Maroon 5 upbeat dance song, however it’s a great song to go out and have some drink with your friends. The song’s lyrics are so heartwarming that will make you want to hug all your friends and tell them you love them with all your heart. The entire song ultimately boils down to once again his desire to reunite with the individuals. Hopefully ‘Memories’ will rise to the top of the charts as one of the most heartwarming love longing songs of 2019. 4/5

Stack It Up – Liam Payne

Liam Payne started out as a Justin Bieber haired British boy who loved to sing with his four best friends. Now he’s climbing the charts as a soloist in the very demanding pop industry. ‘Stack It Up’ has a fun electric beat that’s perfect to jam to in the shower or blast in the car with your friends. Payne really has one message in this song and it’s that he desires more from himself and he has to work hard to “stack it up” to get that cash money flow. Two years ago, when Liam along with the other members of One Direction went on a indefinite hiatus, Liam started to work with many other artists Such as Jonas blue and is Ed to release his 1st album “First Time”. A boogie with the hoodie is featured in this mid-tempo beat and like Liam he loves to talk about that if he wasn't rich, he wouldn't be able to keep his girl. 3/5

Zach Adams

See You Through My Eyes by The Head and the Heart-

This song starts with a cute vocal part that quickly gives way to a very generic chord progression and beat. That seems to be the entire story with this song; A few decent ideas drowning in boiler plate production and songwriting. The verse has this really nice, bouncy bass that reminds me of the plucky basslines Paul McCartney used to lay down on classic Beatles songs, and the chorus has a group vocal that reminds me of something from The Lion King soundtrack. The bridge is really nice as well, with beautiful vocal harmonies backing the melody, which is strangely enough the catchiest in the tune. However, the chorus has this mind-numbing thud of the bass drum that never changes or adds any depth or dynamic to the beat. The overall sound of “See You Through My Eyes” seems to leave nothing unique to distinguish them from a seemingly infinite number of folk-indie-rock-pop-fusion groups of today. 2.5/5

The World and I by Bad Suns-

A solid piece of pop rock. The verse grooves hard, and has a lot of hooky aspects. When the chorus comes however, the song drops into half time. The guitars and keys are punchy throughout the entire song, and it’s these aspects that really stick out. In fact, the production is pretty great throughout this song. But the aspect that sells this song most is the performance, and the energy that comes through the speakers when this song is on. After not being thoroughly hooked after first listen, each subsequent listen will leave you with at least something to walk away with. “The World and I” does its job, and works as a song should, but there doesn’t seem to be that one BIG thing that makes it stick out from some contemporaries (Catfish and the Bottlemen came to mind upon first listen). 3/5

Giovanni Battaglia

Sorry by SAINT PHNX-

“Sorry” by SAINT PHNX seems like another solid alternative/pop banger. My immediate reaction while listening was Imagine Dragons meets twenty-one-pilots. I very rarely experiment with male alternative artists, so this got me out of my comfort zone. The hook of this song is unbeatable and is destined to stay in your head for weeks after hearing this song. Male harmonies are something unmatchable for me when it comes to music – and SAINT PHNX does a really good job with them here. Another surprising and keen feature part of this song is the blend of electronic “filler” music after the chorus – it is not something that sounds heavily produced and is perfectly suitable for an average listener just starting to dip their feet in alternative music, a solid song. 4/5

Walk Away by The Jacks-

“Walk Away” by The Jacks sounds very… familiar to me. This song contains those stereotypical indie/rock elements that can be found in a lot of 2008 music we have already heard before – it oddly reminds me of Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” and upon listening to Twain’s classic after this, the similarities are uncanny. The song also contains a very simplistic chord progression that while it is easy for a listener to rock out to, is not something that is revolutionary. I was having trouble thinking about what I wanted to say for this song, so I asked some peers what they thought of it and they agreed with my previous points. Overall, not a revolutionary song and very repetitive. 2.5/5