• kjone12

Song Reviews 11/13

Dan Curry

“Sunseeker” by The Naked and Famous

"Sunseeker" is the newest single from New Zealand indie rock group, The Naked and Famous. This new track is an easy listen, with low key instrumentals and soft vocals. The track is ruled by electronic chords that give the track the deep sounds in the beginning of the song, but also give the track it's necessary weight in the chorus and towards the end of song. Additionally, the beat of the song let's the listener feel the differences between the chorus and the verses. Overall, this song is an easy addition to any chill-out playlist and a great listen. 4/5

Maddie Lloyd

“Messy” by Twin XL

Immediately as the song starts, I am already moving my head to it. The song is about things in a relationship getting confusing and messed up. The song is pretty repetitive and simple. The chorus is memorized after your first listen of the song. Other than two verses the chorus makes up most of the song. I feel like this is a song you could jam to in your car while you’re driving around with your friends. I personally enjoyed the song a lot. 4/5

“Ludens” by Bring Me the Horizon

The song starts off with electronic music. I personally really enjoyed the drums in this song. The song is really angry. It definitely has the screamo aspect to it, which I feel fans of the genre will in enjoy. The song seems to take a political direction due to the lyrics about needing a new leader, but that could also be something about taking control of your own life. Personally, I feel the song is a little longer than it has to be, but overall it was not a bad song. 3/5

Alexis Holleran

“Disarm” by Silverstein

Silverstein has been featured in the collaborative album “Songs that Saved My Life Vol. 2” which features other classic alternative bands such as Red Jumpsuit apparatus and Mayday Parade. This album was created for charity and to help bring those that are afflicted with depression and other mental health issues to light. The album is a collection of covers of classic songs like Smashing Pumpkins “Disarm” and Train’s “Drops of Jupiter”. Silverstein was given the opportunity to cover “Disarm” which was a classic favorite of any alternative rock fan in the 90’s and early 2000’s. When the song was originally written, it was supposed to represent the abundant amount of anger that Billy Corgan (lead singer of SP) had over the way his parents treated him growing up. Instead of an extremely violent and loud song he decided to make a beautiful and well written song that almost calmly lets emotions pour out. Some could say that “Disarm” is more abstract than simply wanting to disarm someone and that there’s a lot more depth to the song that’s hard to understand. This could be true for anyone; music is one of the biggest influences for people and helped people some dark times. Silverstein accurately captured the childlike anger and essence of this song and the rest of the album does each song justice. 4.5/5

Gio Battaglia

“Alright” by Judah and the Lion

“Alright” by Judah and the Lion is catchy from the second you press play. The intro sets up for this song to be a fun and easy-listening beat that will make it so you can’t stop yourself from dancing, and it does exactly that. I have never heard a song from Judah and the Lion before, but hope that after this song, I will not be disappointed by the rest of their discography. Another thing I liked about this song almost instantly was how original it was and I did not instantly put the artists into a category, which is very rare for today’s music and everyone hearing songs sound the same. Overall, this is a great song to have on your playlist for your to-do list. 4/5