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Song Reviews 10/24/19

Maddie Lloyd

“Hang On To Yourself” by Palaye Royale

If you are looking for an upbeat, catchy song to bob your head along to this is the one! This song will leave you in a good mood and honestly you will know the words after a few listens. Song starts out with brass instruments and a super catchy guitar riff. The vocals start in a couple seconds into the song and are pretty simple and repetitive. Personally, I feel the best part of the song is the instruments. I feel like they are what make the song. The vocals are alright, but to me don’t sound super unique. This song is definitely catchy, and the music gets you rocking. 3/5

Daniel Curry

“Head On” by *repeat repeat

*repeat repeat’s 2019 album “Glazed” features a multitude of fast paced and fun songs that anyone can bop their heads to, and ‘Head On’ is no exception. This track’s lyric talk about the two members of *repeat repeat changing the music game, and people will be turning their heads to look at them. “And now we’re catching up, and we’ll be turning heads”. The optimistic lyrics translate over to the instrumentals, with a heavy guitar riff, complex drums, and poppy vocals; this is an all-around feel-good song, and is a necessary addition to anyone’s feel good playlist. 5/5

“Money” by Matt and Kim

Money makes the world go around, right? Well for Indie Pop duo Matt and Kim, not so much. In their most recent single “Money” released alongside “Go-Go”, the duo sings about happiness always outweighing money, fancy clothes, or even champagne bottles. “If there a dress code I’m not going, BYOB and I’m glowing” is sung in the fourth verse. The overall easy-going sense of the track is found in both the lyrics and the instrumentals. With a simple beat and floaty and techy sounding vocals, the listener picks up on Matt and Kim’s care free attitude that they want to obtain with this track. 4/5

Alexis Holleran

"Make It Right (Remix)" by BTS feat. Lauv

“Make It Right” is one of BTS’s most balladic recent songs from the spring’s Map of the Soul: Persona EP, and an earnest expression of gratitude over melodic, R&B-lite beat. The song was also written by the famous songwriter/singer Ed Sheeran, so the lyrics are perfect for Lauv’s downtempo pop signature voice. This song was made in celebration of World Mental Health Day, since the Korean boy band and Lauv are both big voices in their corner of the industry it was a perfect opportunity to help start the conversation about mental health. BTS and Lauv were a surprising collaboration but apparently BTS was dying to meet Lauv and work with him. Needless to say, this collaboration worked out for all of them and produced a great lo-fi bop that anyone can listen to. 3.5/5

"Uneventful Days" by Beck

Beck has been around in the music industry for years. Every album producing a different vibe and new awesome tracks for everyone to enjoy. “Uneventful Days” is Beck’s first track after being on the Night Running Tour with Cage The Elephant and singing their banger “Night Running”. This new song is a part of his new album “Hyperspace” that will be released on November 22nd. The use of various instruments is one of Beck’s signature moves, along with making music that reminds everyone of a indie concert in 2006. Throughout the song, Beck uses bongos which gives it a funky vibe that’s perfect for a study jam or driving along the countryside. Beck’s style has always given us something different and we are all super excited to see what his new album will hold. 4/5