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Song Review: "Not Dead Yet" by Lord Huron

Being my first time ever listening to Lord Huron, I have found myself pleasantly surprised.

The start of the song kicks off with the beginning of an upbeat, yet casual guitar riff, that immediately sets off a folk, or borderline country, sound. Carried throughout, the rhythm of the guitar may resemble that of a train chugging along the track, on a sunny day, of course. The guitar riff effortlessly pushes the song in a forward direction, carrying a playful, almost childlike nature along with it.

The riff is then met by the vocals, and I must say the vocalist has an absolutely beautiful sound that resembles a golden-aura in my mind. The artist then incorporates vocal layering to compliment the attractive melody; introducing a subtle yet extremely effective harmony. The song almost feels familiar due to the sense of comfort and ease that naturally rings throughout.

Not only is the song comfortable, but it’s fun too. The progression of the guitar alongside the vocals rather simply make the song feel like a good time, which the listener is grateful to be a part of. The good times are even reassured by a hardly noticeable tambourine and some stylistic “uh-huh”s, which very appropriately remind me of a modern Elvis, if Elvis was a folky hipster. Aside from the “uh-huh”s and to create a slight contrast against the buttery vocal layering, a series of echoey “ahh’s” also ring out intermittently, adding a sense of depth to the song.

The various components of the song work together seamlessly to develop a very uplifting nature. Just the instruments alone allow the true soul of the listener to soar, to dream of unforeseen opportunities and destinations. Even the brief transition before the instrumental quite literally covered my body in goosebumps. Overall, the tone of this track was engaging, captivating, and of course, wholesome.

Thank you Lord Huron, “Not Dead Yet” is a really nice reminder that ultimately, life is good

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