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Billie Eilish’s “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” is vulnerable and vibrant

By: Erin Jones

Billie Eilish released her fourth studio album, titled “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT,” on Friday, May 17. The album entered the Billboard 200 Chart at the number two spot.

Her most recent album prior to “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” was her 2021 album “Happier Than Ever.” The album was a massive commercial success, topping the Billboard 200 Chart and earning her two Grammy nominations. In between the releases of “Happier Than Ever” and “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT,” Eilish won the Academy Award for Best Original Song twice in the past three years, making her the youngest person to win two Oscars. 

“HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” ventures into themes of love and self-discovery. In this album, Eilish is candid about her mental health struggles and sexual identity.

A highlight from “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” is its only single, “LUNCH.” This song has been excelling on both the top 40 and alternative charts, and its music video already has 22 million views on YouTube. “LUNCH” has also been blowing up on social media, as there are over 163,000 videos on TikTok that feature this new song. "LUNCH" is catchy, lively and well-deserving of its accolades. In “LUNCH,” Eilish sings about her desire to be with another woman. The music video features Eilish by herself singing and dancing in front of the camera in different outfits. Like the song itself, the music video for “LUNCH” is straightforward and fun. I highly recommend giving this hit song a listen. 

Another standout of this album is “BIRDS OF A FEATHER.” Like “LUNCH,” hundreds of thousands of TikToks featuring this song have been posted since its release. It is no surprise that this song is so popular. In this intimate song, Eilish expresses her desire to be with the one she loves until she dies. Her genuineness creates heartfelt lyrics that anyone who has been in love can relate to. “BIRDS OF A FEATHER” is a blissful song that is euphonic and enjoyable.

In “L’AMOR DE MA VIE,” Eilish is recovering from a breakup. The song begins sweetly but then builds with the addition of drums, helping the song become more full. However, the song completely changes towards the end. Queued by synths and a heartbeat-esque drumbeat, the tempo becomes faster and Eilish’s voice becomes computerized. The lyrics also change, as Eilish becomes empowered and no longer grieves the loss of her relationship like she did at the start of the song. Similar to the title track of “Happier Than Ever,” “L’AMOR DE MA VIE” is complex and showcases the hardships of a breakup. In this song, Eilish’s ability to create an intimate song that resonates with her listeners is apparent, just like it is in “BIRDS OF A FEATHER.” The song is constructed well. Even though it is composed of very different sections, they join together without sounding incoherent. “L’AMOR DE MA VIE” is heartbreaking, profound and definitely worth listening to.

“HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” is both filled with fun and deep emotions as Eilish uses this album to explore her identity. The album is skillfully constructed, fitting well with her impressive discography. My favorite song from “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT” is “SKINNY.” It is the first song on the album and delves into interesting themes of body image and self love. Eilish’s raw emotions are apparent from the start of the album.

If you enjoy “HIT ME HARD AND SOFT,” Eilish’s Hit Me Hard and Soft The Tour begins at the end of September. 



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