• Maddie Scott

Song Review: "Mad At Disney" by Salem Ilese

This week, we took a look at "Mad At Disney". I have heard this song all over TikTok within the past couple of weeks, as have many others.

This song is by Salem Ilese who is an up and coming artist in the industry. "Mad at Disney" is a very catchy song that draws you in right away and makes it very easy to memorize the lyrics off the bat. The lyrics are very relatable for most of our generation as she talks about how she is “mad at Disney” for giving her a false sense of reality when it comes to love. Most people can relate to wanting the fairytale love story they see on Disney, but when it comes to the real world it can be a huge letdown.

Salem Ilese has a very soft but beautiful voice, and it compliments this song very well. The catchy tune and relatable lyrics are why there is no surprise that this song has gone viral over TikTok and has become a major hit. I would definitely recommend listening to this song if you haven't already.


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