• kjone12

"Screamer" by Third Eye Blind

Before reviewing this album, I held off listening to it for weeks. I went into listening to the album with an open mind and excitement after seeing them in concert this summer and having an amazing time. As a big fan of Third Eye Blind I was a little disappointed by this album. In my opinion I felt this album was an attempt at bringing in younger fans, which I have no problem with, but when the style of the music completely changes, that’s where my problem lies. I was expecting an album I could rock out to and relate to as with the band’s previous albums. The album starts off with the song “Screamer” which is a short song which starts off immediately with electronic music, but quickly moves into heavy drums and guitar. This song led me to believe that the album was going to be more like the band’s old music, but after the first couple songs, the rest of the album takes a very different turn. The second song on the album “The Kids Are Coming (To Take You Down)” reminds me most of the if their previous album “We Are Drugs” which I liked most of the songs off of. My personal favorite off the album has got to be “Who Am I”. It is the song that I feel has the most emotion in it and I relate most to. It is one of the slower songs on the album and does not have a super pop like feel to it. The one song off the album that I feel does not fit at all with the album is “2X Tigers”. This song is completely directed at a younger audience due to the use of autotune and just the lack of authentic guitar, bass, and drums. Overall start to finish the album is alright. I personally hope that if Third Eye Blind puts out another album in the future they go back in the direction of their own music. Rating: 6/10

-By: Maddie Lloyd