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Pet Pick || Crimson

This week's Pet Pick feature is Crimson from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter located in Buffalo, NY! What a handsome boy. Scroll down below to read Crimson's story.

Crimson's Story: "Hi my name is Crimson and I've been waiting to find my forever human(s). To tell you a little about myself, I'm a handsome orange kitty as you can see from my pictures and I'm a little over a year old. I lost my right eye from having a bad infection in it, but please don't let that make you not want to adopt me. You see, I have a lot of love to give and I love to cuddle, snuggle and I love doing zoomies around the house. I also love catnip and treats (I come running when my foster mom shakes the treat jar) and I love to follow you around, whatever room you're in that's where I want to be. I love to play with string toys, balls, mice (stuffed ones only please) and any other toy I can toss around in the air. My foster mom says I like to prance around, to me it's just my way of playing. Oh yes, I also love the scratcher with the ball in it that I can push around and make noise. If you think I would fit into your life and you would be my forever loving, kind and caring human(s) please give my foster mom Judy a call 716-563-0023"

For more information about Crimson, check out the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter page on!

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