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Pet Pick || Bella

The Story of Bella:

"The day is here - after 5 surgeries in total, a little over a year after she came into the care of our rescue when her human Mom was murdered - BELLA is healed up, cleared by the doctors, and ready for her FOREVER home! It's taken the love and support of so many - her incredible fosters, many donors, veterinarians/surgeons, therapists, etc. Over $20,000 into this sweetheart, but how could we not?! (She came to us with mammary tumors, and required patella and multiple TLPO surgeries, as well, plus spaying) To know her is the love her. She loves cuddles on the couch and her daily walks. She's good with other dogs and kids. She does need a committed adopter, as her meds and special food total in the $200 range per month - but we think once you meet her, you'll agree he is worth it! ? Bella just turned 8 years old and is a nice lapful to keep you warm on these chilly winter evenings at around 50-60 lbs."

Link to More Information and Adoption:

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