• Kathleen Maurer

Music Reviews: "Savage Love" Remix by Jawsh 365 x Jason Derulo, ft. BTS

With Jason Derulo’s Tik Tok fame, it’s no surprise that he would release his song “Savage Love” ft. Jawsh 685 and BTS to perfectly accompany and inspire dances on the same platform.

“Savage Love” has blown up on Tik Tok and has caused numerous trends based around the song. The insanely catchy and simple beat was easily transformed to perfectly fit the feature of Jason Derulo’s gorgeous voice and BTS’s incredible K-pop style.

The song starts by playing the infectious chorus that discusses the “Savage Love” that has enveloped Jason Derulo. Lyrics like “Did somebody break your heart? / Looking like an angel but you’re Savage Love” shows the overarching premise of Derulo’s infatuation with someone that has a cold heart when it comes to love and his curiosity as to why. The beat of the song has a latin flare to it with a synthetic horn that creates the slow and relaxed melody of the piece. The song’s remix included a verse by BTS that creates a nice contrast from the original.

This song’s melody would cause anybody to easily recognize it as soon as it comes on and would be extremely easy to play in the background. This would be a perfect song for people into modern pop and anyone who enjoys Tik Tok.


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