• Gio Battaglia

Lorde - Melodrama (Blast From The Past Review)

Sometimes there are albums that can fall right under our noses and we can't take the time to listen to it. This was the case with me for the 2017 critically-acclaimed, Album of the Year nominated album by Lorde, "Melodrama."

This album is considered a cult classic by fans of Lorde and music in general, many fans still talking about how it was "snubbed" at the 2017 Grammy Awards... and now I understand why.

Lorde has such a unique sound which we have been able to establish since her first album titled "Pure Heroine" which gave us songs like the #1 Grammy-winning hit "Royals," "Tennis Court," and "Team." Lorde continues her sound in this album and doesn't shy away from making the music her own.

The opener of this album, "Green Light," is a very powerful pop-dance ballad that doesn't flake on having the emotion that Lorde presents in all music, a fantastic opener to the album and a track that will be listened to for years to come.

"The Louvre" was a song that caught my attention in the best way possible, the story Lorde tells about love and the passion for love was one that has not been done in music in a very long time and she did this track so well, definitely one that will be on repeat. Talking about how love can make us do crazy things for our lover.

Lorde does not stop her emotion crushing as she pours into, what could be considered the best track on the album, "Liability." This song is one of the best songs I have heard in a while, and definitely got added to every Spotify playlist I have. Lorde really captivated a message of how you can pour your heart to everyone and see it as being great, but the recipient is not having it, and the only person you can really please is yourself - a masterpiece.

Having a 6 minute song is not something that everyone can pull off and keep it interesting, but Lorde did this in "Hard Feelings/Loveless" - this song is a perfect blend of vocals and beautiful instrumental and is definitely be up there in the Top 3 of my favorite songs on this album.

"Supercut" is another notable song that did it for me as ranking this album as one of the greats, similar to the opener "Green Light" it contains a catchy beat while conveying a message of heartbreak.

Overall, this album would sound great on vinyl... and that is how I intend to listen to it again soon. Good to know we can count on Lorde for good music that will sound fresh for years to come. Definitely would recommend.