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Focus on Brockport

In today's COVID-19 Conversation President of soon to be called SUNY Brockport, Dr. Heidi Macpherson joins The Point news team to talk about Brockport's response to the COVID-19 crisis. Dr. Macpherson also talks about her weekly video chats with local resources to answer questions about the crisis, all in the effort to engage the students and staff of SUNY Brockport.

With so many questions in the air about the immediate future we ask everyone to continue to follow social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe, this is an ever-changing situation so stay up-to-date with all your local information. If you are sitting at home looking for things to do to help the people trying to make the community run as smoothly and as "normal" as normal can be right now, go to 891thepoint.com, to hear all of our other COVID-19 Conversations to find out how you can help out the community.

Click on either picture, above for information on SUNY Brockport or below for their response to COVID-19, or on the SUNY emblem to hear the COVID-19 Conversation on SUNY's response to the crisis.