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Album Review: Trustfall

Updated: Jan 9

On February 17th, P!nk released her ninth studio album titled Trustfall. This album is definitely a bit of a tear-jerker; it's about P!nk’s life journey, navigating through the challenges that she has had to recently deal with.

In 2021, P!nk lost two of her loved ones to cancer. So, while writing this album P!nk poured her heart and emotion into it. While the album includes slow and emotional ballads, it also contains some dance-floor-worthy songs. The first track, "When I Get There" is one that captures the feeling of missing a loved one. This song, while centered around P!nk missing her father, can be quite relatable for some people. Also, this song shows the audience a sense of vulnerability that we are not used to seeing from P!nk; it's definitely a change of pace, but one that is welcomed with open arms.

The second song on the album is titled "Trustfall", and it's about someone being able to trust another person and feeling safe while being with them. While the first track was composed of only piano instruments backing up P!nk’s vocals, this second track includes electronic backups. This makes for a more upbeat tone to the song overall. At the end of the album, P!nk starts to get a bit more personal about her life. The songs “Hate Me” and “Lost Cause” are both contradictory to one another. The first song wants the listener​ to see P!nk in a bad light, while the second song wants the listener to not give up on her. This album works through many tough feelings and emotions in a truly artistic way.

While the album is quite heavy with emotions, it includes upbeat songs that help to break the tension. This album is one that deals with many human emotions that a person faces throughout their life, which makes it an album that a lot of people can relate to. This relatability combined with P!nk's incredible vocals and sense of music makes for one unforgettable album!

Song List (in order of appearance on the album):

  1. When I Get There

  2. Trustfall

  3. Turbulence

  4. Long Way to Go (feat. The Lumineers)

  5. Kids in Love (feat. First Aid Kit)

  6. Never Gonna Not Dance Again

  7. Runaway

  8. Last Call

  9. Hate Me

  10. Lost Cause

  11. Feel Something

  12. Our Song

  13. Just Say I'm Sorry (feat. Chris Stapleton)

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