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Adele Returns with "Easy On Me"

By Gio Battaglia / Assistant Music Director

After the success of 25, Adele had a lot of anticipation with her first single in six years. “Easy On Me,” the lead single from her upcoming album 30, has that signature Adele style of soul-baring emotion, without sounding repetitive.

This song lets the story do the talking, rather than the vocal delivery from Adele, which only compliments it.

“I had no time to choose what I chose to do,” Adele says as she finishes a powerful chorus. This line resonates for some reason. It really shows how a decision can be made with almost no thought behind it, and you later pay the price for it.

The music video for this song really signifies the entrance to a new era, Adele sells the house that was used in the “Hello” music video. Driving away to a new destination, she passes different version of ways she felt in the past, such as just married, and as she drives past them, moves on to a new version of her life.

This is the first album we are seeing from Adele after her relationship ended in the public eye, before it was able to remain a mystery who these songs were about.

“Easy On Me” is the perfect return for Adele. Its raw emotion fits her style but feels like we are viewing a different part of how she reacts to the battles of love.

30 is due November 19th and is set to contain 12 tracks.

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