★★★★☆ Yes this is a K-pop group, but hear them out because you might just like them. History’s new album HIM starts off with the song Wild Boy. Its name fits how the song begins, wild. The song begins pretty aggressive but is nonetheless catchy. You may not know what they are saying but with a song this good it doesn’t matter. The beat drop that the song gets towards the middle is intense and keeps the theme of the song. Wild Boy is upbeat and perfect for a dance session. The next song Queen is my favorites. The beat that comes right in the beginning is one of my favorite things about this song. Another super catchy song but it’s the chorus that keeps the listener. The saxophone in the song

Modern Earth: Landscapes

★★★☆☆ Prepare yourself for a heavy release from Pure Noise records group Landscapes. The album begins with a haunting acoustic track and is followed by a song that jumped right off of a La Dispute record. I was surprised to hear a slower track after something so heavy. Yet “Death After Life” wasn’t disappointing. This song gave the band an opportunity to showcase their exceptional clean vocals. “Embrace” is an interesting mix of heavy…and not so heavy. The drums are brilliant on this track, especially towards the beginning. This is a powerful song about overcoming struggles that threaten us. “It used to drown me/Without a surface to catch my breath/ It used to drown me/ It used to drown me i

Paper Ships: Pablo Picker

★★★★★ It’s very surprising that no one really knows who Pablo Picker is. The artist who is based out of Boston has been on the music scene since 2004 when he released his first album titled “Seeking Shadows.” Since then he's been bouncing around, doing an album in 2007 followed by another one in 2014. After a two-year absence, he's back at it again with a brand new album. His new album “Paper Ships” hasn't garnered much review and is seemingly going unnoticed. This is a shame considering it’s a pretty decent album that has some very nice songs spread throughout. It’s the type of album that you need to be in the mood to listen to. Many of his songs are soft and have a lackadaisical undertone

Do You Wanna Go to Tijuana?: Ray Rocket

★★★★★ This album blew my mind. The entire album is a nod to the fathers of punk. Meaning, when you hear this album, you can hear hints of Dead Kennedys and Black Flag. Even the tone of this guy’s voice will bring you to Seattle circa 1985. The album starts off with the starling title track and is followed by “Nothing Else Matters (When I’m With You).” This is a cute little punk love song. A song of two social outcasts finding each other. “Won’t you tell me I’m the bomb? Cuz I’m a mess when I’m alone.” “Please Feel Free” is the one semi-acoustic track on this album. This album may have several love songs but they are all lovely and worthwhile listens. “Please feel free to visit me when you a

Mind of Mine: Zayn

★★★★★ Zayn, previously in the boyband One Direction, has become the Justin Timberlake of the group. After departing from the group he went to create this album that is probably one of my new favorites. The album starts out with a simple intro that leads into the first song, “iT’s YoU”. This song is slow and full of Zayn showing what he is capable of, especially with his vocal range. This song starts the album off on a good foot, and continues with the next song, “BeFoUr”. This is one of my favorites off the album. It’s catchy, and the beat is what got me. The chorus is something I find myself singing all the time and can never get this song out of my head. “sHe”, the next song off the album

Stiff: White Denim

StartFragment★★★☆☆ EndFragment StartFragment“Stiff” is White Denim’s newest album. White Denim is a four man band from Texas that combines Rock & Roll, Pop, and Blues to create music that a wide variety of tastes can enjoy. “Stiff” was released March 25th 2016, and is made up of 9 tracks. Already the most listened to from the album is the first song, “Had 2 Know (Personal)” for obvious reasons. It’s upbeat with a fast paced rhythm, and more importantly, it’s about a relationship gone wrong, which almost everyone can relate to. The second song on the album, “HaHaHaHa (Yeah)” is much less popular, and brings down the energy the first song built up. It has an optimistic message, but it’s so rep

The White Album: Weezer

StartFragment★★★★★ EndFragment StartFragmentAlternative darlings Weezer are back and better than ever with their tenth studio album “Weezer: The White Album.” The self-released album is full of rocking anthems that range from topics such as love and heartache to self-doubt and drug use. The first track off the album, “California Kids,” has Weezer’s classic alternative sound within it – there’s a lot of guitar, a lot of drums, and a lot of Rivers Cuomo singing and commenting on the true wonders of life and social expectations. The video for “California Kids” references the “Damn Daniel” video, a video that has become an internet sensation among Millennials, at the end. A song off “The White A

Atlas Genius September 19, 2015

★★★★☆ The concert for Atlas Genius was fantastic from beginning to end. The two opening bands Mainland and Dreamers were awesome and I'm sure they're both going to become more popular. They got the crowd into the music and warmed them up for Atlas Genius. When Atlas Genius took the stage the crowd was pumped up with excitement, and the band did not disappoint. Though I wish there were a few less flashing lights, the music made the loss of sight completely worth it. They walked off the stage at one point, and I thought the concert was over, however, they just took a short reprieve before they went back to the stage to perform more. The song that really stood out from the rest of the concert w

SomeKindaWonderful March 20th, 2015

★★★★☆ SomeKindaWonderful started their first headlining tour,The Burn It Up Tour, in Buffalo, Ny. If the rest of their tour is anything like that first concert it will be a success. SKW is a relatively new band with an album that will drop officially in mid June. The concert began with a bang when the lights began to flash and Jordy Towers jumped on the stage with more energy than a kid on a sugar high. Towers is a natural performer and knows how to entertain a crowd. SKW has a unique sound that somehow blends soul with alternative, i.e., their songs Police and Caveman. They performed their single "Reverse" and other songs off the album. It was the kind of concert where if their were chairs

Neil Van Dorn Band with Big Eyed Phish February 6, 2015

★★★★★ Lessons learned tonight: Apparently a cover band can awesome enough to turn me into a real fan of a band I’ve never particularly followed or been interested in before. This is not the experience I was expecting from this show, but I will certainly take it. I am now 100% a fan of the Dave Matthews Band. Opening up the night was some locally-grown entertainment with the Neil Van Dorn Band. These guys showed off their impressive musical chops with a mix of impressive original tunes, including a few songs from their in-progress sophomore album, and some beautifully grooved-up covers, highlighted by takes on the Goo Goo Dolls’ “Black Balloons” and Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me” (both songs I legitim

Panama Wedding October 30th, 2014

★★★★☆ The night started out like most; a few openers, none of which are known. A band originally from Rochester called Machine Gun English opened. They rocked out loud and proud, but because they are a fairly new band their stage presence was almost nonexistent. Next up was Royal Tongues, who knew how to work the crowd. After the Royal Tongues lead singer was finished melting the hearts of all the women in the crowd came TEAM. TEAM is a band from the Portland area. As an interesting bunch, they played hard, but I couldn't get over their hipster hair. After a long wait Panama Wedding came to the stage. The crowed roared and they broke into song. The bass was set to max, and they shook the Wai

Mayday Parade October 18, 2014

★★★★★ Mayday Parade took Buffalo by storm at The Waiting Room. I’d be surprised if the entire city didn’t hear the earth-shattering music played by the headlining alternative band. They brought down the house and the concert deserves a perfect score. Mayday Parade began their Honeymoon Tour last week, with bands Pvris, Major League, and Tonight Alive as openers. Together, all four bands put on an unforgettable show. Alternative band Pvris opened up the night like no other. I had never heard their music before, but I instantly became a fan after experiencing their live performance. Lead singer Lynn Gunn commanded attention through her incredible vocal range. In songs like “St. Patrick” and “M

Malibu: Anderson .Paak

★★★★★ Anderson .Paak is a very experienced artist, just not an experienced name. He has recorded with the likes of Dr. Dre, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and many other big name artists. On the other hand, he has recorded with some great underground West Coast Rappers like San Francisco legend, George Watsky. I don’t want to miss lead you he’s not only a rapper; he’s actually mostly a singer. Even when .Paak raps he does so with melody. I would describe him as having the same musicality, approach and style as Kendrick Lamar but with a melodic twist. Although he has many great slow jam like songs, he doesn’t take him self TOO seriously, which I always love in an artist. Like Watsky, he enjoys being

I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It: The 1975

★★★★☆ When popular English rock band The 1975 released there second album in late February, no one really knew what to expect. Fans had been tormented for months with strange messages on social media, followed by a prolonged silence all together. When the band finally returned, they returned with a fully uploaded, 17 song album. There new album “I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It” has garnered fairly popular reviews so far, including this one. Although the album seems a bit long just like its title, you can find some very compelling music at almost every turn. “The Sound” which might be the brightest point of this album, proves to us why The 1975 is famou

The World’s On Fire: MAN WITH A MISSION

★★★★☆ This group is mysterious band because no one knows the real information about this band. This band is also known as Wolf band because they have wolf mask on their own face and never showed their own real face. This band has settings, like non- human, having super ability, and have been iced for many years. So they have mysterious settings to fascinate people. This band is really famous in Japan and could be famous in Asia too. Even though they did major debut, they have never showed their own faces. That is why there are so many rumors about them, and people want to see their faces. However, no one knows their own faces. Actually, their songs are great and easy to follow. Their songs a

Us and the Night: 3 Doors Down

★★★☆☆ I have never been a huge 3 Doors Down fan, but something about this album has really sparked a liking for their music. “Us and the Night” was released on March 11th and it has 11 songs. The band is known for their rock music with a dark sound, but this album has a twist to it! The music on this album has a pop vibe to it along with the rock sound they always have had. The song I enjoyed the most from this album is “Fell from the Moon.” It is the balled of the album and it is a very pretty piece. To me this song is a personal reflection about life and that the singer seems to have suddenly realized everything around him after being up on such a high time. “I fell to the earth below, And

Untitled Unmastered: Kendrick Lamar

★★★★★ Kendrick has been on a tear of late. From his album To Pimp a Butterfly all the way to his phenomenal Grammy performance and now this, Untitled Unmastered, he has been out of this world. Ever since his debut studio album in 2011 titled Section.80 Kendrick Lamar has been on of the premier rappers in the game and this new project that he released, just thrusts that top spot status on him yet again. Just keep this idea in your mind when listening to this project; these were all songs that didn’t make the cut to his studio album To Pimp a Butterfly. These songs have the ability to make a studio album themselves. Although all share a title “Untitled” each song is clearly unique and special.

E.G. SMILE E-girls Best: E-girls

★★★★★ This vocal and dance group released a new album on February 10th 2016. Let me introduce you if you do not know this group. Because this group is mainly for Japanese people, they don’t have many English songs. However, you can still enjoy and will like it. This group is formed by three groups, “Dream,” “Flower,” and “Happiness.” All of the groups are dance and performance groups. They do not call themselves dancers. Instead, they call themselves performers because their dance fascinates people. Because of the concept, it is important for them to have concerts and shoot music videos. The genre of their songs is classified as J-pop. There are about seven vocalists in this group because of

Phase: Jack Garratt

★★★★★ British singer, multi-instrumental, and producer Jack Garratt released his first full length debut album on February 19. His album, “Phase” was much anticipated over in the UK, and for good reason. The songs on “Phase”, with the exception of “My House is Your Home”, are a combination of soul, alt-R&B, and dubstep. Imagine if Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, James Bay, and Disclosure all combined into one artist, and you’ve got Jack Garratt. Complex magazine described him as someone “hell bent on erving up beauty and brutality on the same plate”- and he somehow manages to combine the two and have his songs still sound great. “Breathe Life,” the second song on the album, and my favorite, was relea

EVOL: Future

★★★★☆ Future is a fairly popular rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. He broke into the music scene in 2012 when he released his debut album Pluto. The album got rave reviews from critics, and spawned five other hit singles. After releasing two other albums that achieved very positive reviews, it seems that Future has done it again. His hit new album “EVOL” has been a bright spot for Hip Hop in the month of February. The album was released at number one on the Billboard 200 and is a glowing showcase for much of Future’s unique talents. Although it seems that this album may have many songs that leave fans wanting more, it does make up some lost ground in the amount of stellar hits that could come fr