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Modern Earth: Landscapes

Updated: Dec 7, 2023


Prepare yourself for a heavy release from Pure Noise records group Landscapes.

The album begins with a haunting acoustic track and is followed by a song that jumped right off of a La Dispute record.

I was surprised to hear a slower track after something so heavy. Yet “Death After Life” wasn’t disappointing. This song gave the band an opportunity to showcase their exceptional clean vocals.

“Embrace” is an interesting mix of heavy…and not so heavy. The drums are brilliant on this track, especially towards the beginning. This is a powerful song about overcoming struggles that threaten us. “It used to drown me/Without a surface to catch my breath/ It used to drown me/ It used to drown me inside of my head/ Embrace the darkness/ I pass unnoticed, towards my home /But no one knows me/ and I'm a stranger alone in this room”

“Escapism” is my favorite track on the album, and that’s surprising because the vocals are all clean. The timbre of the singer’s voice is just so gritty and grunge-esque. As I said before this group is in the realms of Defeater, La Dispute, and the like.

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