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Hosted By Chamberlain Bauder 


Broadcast schedule

WNYLax S3 E1

I-90 Match-up, a titanic grudge match once more

Chamberlain takes fans through the whole preparation of The Knighthawks home win against the Bandits from Thursday night practice through post game. Press conferences included

WNYLax S3 E3

Knighthawks fall to Bandits

Chamberlain opens with a recap of Rochester's loss to the Bandits in Buffalo including post game interviews with Dhane Smith, Ryan Smith, and Coach Hasen. Then a live interview With Brockport's Carson Colucci and Drew DiPalma

WNYLax S3 E5

Brockport Captains Following Preseason

Chamberlain sits down with Brockport Captains Jhovanny Olivares and Blake Pelozzi following scrimmage play. Getting into how things are different this season as well.

WNYLax S3 E7

Brockport + Roberts Wesleyan + KHawks

Brockport Women's lax with Courtney Cunningham and Cassidy Burnash. Then both a Roberts Wesleyan and Knighthawks against Toronto Recap. Ending with Ryan McCarthy and Anthony McGee of Brockport Men's lax

WNYLax S3 E7

Brockport Mens + Knighthawks

Jhovanny Olivares and Chris Bock sit down to talk about preparing for Nazareth and SUNYAC play coming soon. Then a recap of the Knighthawks loss to Philadelphia 9-8 in overtime, extra insight from Carson Colucci who was at the game.

WNYLax S3 E2

Brockport Preseason

Chamberlain sits down with new Brockport Women's head coach Bryana Glasser. Also a sit down with Men's lacrosse captain Jack Peterson and Jackson Worden, the teams top scorer through their first two games.

WNYLax S3 E4

Brockport's Goalies + Hawks down Birds 

Chamberlain sits down with Brockport Goalies Cam Kuzniar and Evan O'Connor in preseason. Learning about coaching changed as they transition their program away from last years coaching staff. Followed by Knighthawks first franchise win over Halifax

WNYLax S3 E6

Cam Kuzniar + Longest game in NLL History

Chamberlain sits down with Brockport Captain and Goalie Cam Kuzniar following their opening game of the season along with a recap of the Knighthawks 11-10 win that extended to the 14 minute mark of overtime. 

WNYLax S3 E7

D2 Lax + Brockport Mens + Womens

Parker Bossard and Jagger Kerr talk about their game against one another (Lemoyne 11-3 Roberts Wesleyan). Jack Peterson and Nate Asking join the show following their homeowner win for Brockport Men's Lacrosse. Julia Quinlan and Brooke Beetow talk about Brockport Women's "first season."

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