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Reviewed by Taylor Inman

The countdown starts and a sharp beat comes in with Bazzi serenading which smooths everything. The beat drops multiple times throughout the song which makes the song as a whole very catchy and foot tap worthy. The diversity of Bazzi voice to change to rap seamlessly keeps the song from getting boring too fast.  The lyrics bring the listener to paradise by describing a time and place with no stress. This is a song about young love and will reach the top charts without a doubt.

Rate: 5/5 stars


Power is Power

SZA, The Weekend, Travis Scott

Reviewed by Taylor Inman

The Weekend’s eerie voice roars right at the beginning which immediately sets a dark but mysterious mood. Travis Scott’s part in this song is easily the best aspect, he keeps the song from falling flat with his promiscuous voice. The electronic like vibes that he introduces contrast against the rest of the song but not enough to be distracting. This song fits perfectly with the HBO series Game of Thrones which is what it was created for but probably not for listening with friends or in the shower. 

Rate: 2/5 stars


Carry On

KYGO, Rita Ora

Reviewed by Taylor Inman

KYGO and Rita Ora both have a voice that will leave you speechless, as they hit the high notes with ease and bring emotion into play. The beat of this song is fast and heavy but changes with the vocals so that their voice shines through. There could be more room for voice with less heavy beats since both KYGO and Ora are very talented. The lyrics are also not very diverse and are pretty basic to any other pop love song. However, summer calls for pop loves songs and this one will definitely fill that role.  

Rate: 2/5 stars