Mania - Fallout Boy

October 18, 2018


Déjà Vu 


     If you are reading this there is a chance that you are either related to me, or you frequently visit 89.1 the point’s web site. In both cases you know that earlier this year I attended a Fall Out Boy Concert with my friend and not only did we have an amazing time, but I was also able to write my first review about it. I was so excited about my assignment that I took notes during the concert, begged my friend to take millions of pictures and videos, and stayed up all night brainstorming about what I was going to write. I wanted it to be perfect. Although, perfection is almost never achievable, I was proud of my work, so I’m back bringing you more Fall Out Boy…Just a bit more in depth this time.  

                   I have always had a soft spot for this particular band. I have listened to their music my whole life, and when I had the opportunity to see them in person I jumped at the chance. And most of the songs that I heard that night was on their new album Mania. These new songs had the fans jumping and screaming along at the concert; however, many critics did not share the same views. Contrary to their usual “pop-punk” feel, the band seems to have taken more of a pop rout with this new album. While all the songs on this track were brought to question, the most controversial must be “Young and Menace.” This song has an electronic theme throughout the entire three minutes and forty-three seconds, and since this is the first song on the album…You can say that some people were hesitant for the rest.  

A vast majority of fan support derives from the fact that Pete Wentz, the lead guitarist, admitted to fans that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. These “topsy-turvy” feelings can be seen in multiple songs and lyrics such as when, in the song “Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea,” the band says: “Even at the best times, I’m out of my mind.” Lyrics such as this truly portray how hard the artist is struggling with his internal emotions, especially since Wentz is the major lyricist of the group. Lyrics like the one above help connect with the target audience to prove that no one is going through anything alone. Since truly, no one is ever as alone as they think they are; however, critics feel that you cannot pair this “deep emotion” with the pop vibe that the band is giving off.  

                Personally, my favorite song on this list is “Last of the Real Ones.” Although it may be “too poppy” for this band, I love the feel behind it. It is easy to dance to, and fun to scream along with. I also do not care as much as others, that this album has a different feel then their previous records. I like to see artists branching out and trying to give the audience something new, since if we heard the same thing over-and-over it would get repetitive and they would lose their fan base; In addition, I believe that the best time to branch out is when you have a devoted audience who are willing to accept and support whatever you give them. And if the concert I went to proves anything, it proved that Fall Out Boy definitely has a fan base that will allow them to explore their options. I feel that they have a lot more “wiggle room” to play with, and that we are only seeing the beginning. I cannot wait to hear more of the new content they have to offer. 


Rate: 4/5 


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