New This Week- August 13th

August 17, 2018


“Eastside”-Benny Blanco, Halsey, & Khalid: Starting off reminiscent of a Ed Sheeran love song, “Eastside” drops in and out of a rap ballad about a lost relationship. Halsey’s voice is not lost in the waves of bigger names. And, this hit turns into a very relaxed jam that anyone who’s a fan of “used to” songs can get down with. 3/5.



“Blackbird”-Alkaline Trio: Definitely a heavier alternative song. Alkaline Trio’s “Blackbird” shows us that not all Rock Songs these days need to be about drugs, death, and decay. Although, it is not exactly a happy song. It is definitely something you could listen to, to stay awake on a long drive. Although, there is little more excitement than that. 2/5.



No Brainer”-DJ Khaled: A very clear mumble rap tune produced by everyones favorite rapper. Although, some voices are clearer than others, Khaled’s largest contribution to this song appears to be his opener. Not an incredibly exciting song either. The ups and downs are somewhat muted by a happier message. The song tries to be what it can not and ultimately will end up getting lost in the sea of 21st century pop/rap that just really wasn’t revolutionary or “good.” 1/5.




“The Unforgiven”-Alborosie: Maybe I’m biased. I am a fan of Dub Reggie after all. But, I think this song is genius. It’s a bold move to cover a revolutionary song. It’s an even bolder move when that song is by Metallica of all bands. But, Alborosie does it seamlessly. This dub is nothing short of a masterpiece and it makes summer and this warm weather come to fruition. Give it a listen before August is over. I beg of you. 4.5/5.




“Happy Now”-Zedd & Elley Duh: Are we ever really happy? Zedd and Elley Duh attempt to answer that in their newest pop hit that tries to be several things but never really quite hits its mark. Why? No one can really know. Perhaps, it’s because when a song tries to squeeze itself into several genres, it almost always fails. Maybe, it’s just because it’s a bad song. Who can really say. 2/5.



“Self Esteem”-311: A cover of the song of the same name by Offspring. 311 does a great job of discussing how much life truly sucks with just the right amount of teen angst. We see some definite 311 touches in this cover although, for the most part, they did not reinvent the song all that much. Regardless, of what you are looking for in a cover, this is defiantly, worth a listen. 3/5. 



“Just my Type”-Tiana: Definitely, belonging in the disappearing Top 40 hits of today. “Just my Type” seems too be trying to hard with too many instruments, to fit into any real genre. There’s even an instrumental version of the song that HAS LYRICS. There’s so much wrong with this song that it can’t be gone into in so many words. But, I’ll leave you with this… a song that drops off the charts as fast as it landed on them has no place in your summer playlist. 1/5.



“All my Friends”-The Revivalists: A revivalist indeed. As the band attempts to bring back the sound of grunge that Radiohead and Nirvana once mastered; “All my Friends” seems to be a battle call by the Revivalists in a war for dominance of the alternative genre where their only true enemy is the Foo Fighters. Aside from the obvious call to arms, this is actually a decent song. And, worth a listen if you’re a fan of Alternative Rock. 3/5.


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