New This Week- July 24, 2018

July 24, 2018


Amanda Berg


 I think I'm obsessed with "God is a Woman." Ariana Grande has been all over the internet lately with her quick engagement to Pete Davidson, and this song has only boosted her fifteen minutes of fame. It has sultry, relatable lyrics and a slow jam groove to it. There hasn't been one "summer bop" yet- but with the way Ariana broke the internet with this music video, she has definitely come close. This one is catchy and makes you want to get engaged to a stranger like she did. Definitely a well deserved 5/5 stars. 


Mike Wilson


Drake, “Emotionless” - Going deeper into the Scorpion album, Drake keeps juicing the charts with tracks from this album. All the hallmarks of a pop rap track, somewhat falling towards the trap of normal ‘here today gone tomorrow’ pop rap. But you can’t hide the fact that Drake is balling right now and has been for several years. He’s hitting something that audiences love and he’s owning his style in this track and album. A little bit more simple and slow than other tracks on Scorpion, “Emotionless” seems like a track that may get glossed over in an album full of bangers. 3.5/5 stars


Max George, “Barcelona” - A love song, to a simple beat. Light refreshing music opening up to a nice medium paced dance rhythm. What’s not to like about a song written about meeting the love of your life on a beach in Barcelona? Those not in the know Max George is of “The Wanted” (the UK boy band) and “The Wanted Life” (the E!) TV show. This track takes a departure from some of his other tunes, moving more toward a dance music feel. It’s simple, it’s nice, it’s uplifting. 4/5 stars.


Jared Rosenberg


“Dreaming in Color”-Mr. MooQ: A new Elton John? I’ll be the first to call him that! Aside from an acid trip gone very particularly awry… Mr. MooQ does not deliver much with his new “hit” “Dreaming in Color.” As Pink Floyd tried to bring psychedelic rock into the main stream; Mr. MooQ tries to bring straight up tripping into the listeners ear. And, not in the most eloquent way, I might add. Although, this is defiantly a beat for the ages, it is strange at best. 2/5.

“S.O.S.”-The Glorious Sons: It doesn’t get much more alternative than this… A song about needing help, drugs, and existential crisis. Naught have we seen so many topics pressed into one goosebump worthy song since “Bohemian Rhapsody.”  “S.O.S.” is a clean cut alternative grunge anthem and there is little to disprove that point. So for those old time lovers of Radio Head, Nirvana, and The Foo Fighters, I plead with you, give The Glorious Sons a chance. Just maybe not at 6 in the morning. 3/5.

“Glad I Tried”-Matt and Kim: Reminiscent of Peter, Paul, and Mary; Matt and Kim attempt to deliver the revolutionary duel voice of the age, but with a more alternative undertone. They do not succeed. Although, this does not mean they did not create a hit. “Glad I Tried” may never chart like Drake, but it certainly won’t plummet like (the fictitious) “African Child.” The takeover of the Peter, Paul, and Mary may not have begun, but Matt and Kim certainly have something going in the duel lyrical alternative department. It’s worth a listen, at the very least. 3.5/5.

“Visions”-Dirty Heads: The funk, reggae of the Dirty Heads is back. This time may not come in album format although, we are taken on a journey regardless. Taking a hint from summer hits of the past, “Visions” combines the foresight of two (not so very) different worlds. And, it is done in a streamlined and progressively mainstream fashion. Good to the senses and easy on the speaker “Visions” is bound to breakthrough this summer. So be one of the first to listen. 3.5/5

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