New This Week- July 17, 2018

July 17, 2018

Mike Wilson


St. Paul & The Broken Bones, “Apollo” – Here we go. St. Paul & The Broken Bones bring us “Apollo” a track about being young and youths trials. This track has a heavy pop dance feel an interesting turn from their usual classic horns influenced blues rock. This track is so different from these guys usual stuff me feel like it’s a different group all together. These guys have some real talent and some real range and I would give them a listen. From dance, pop rock to classic blues and jazz, St. Paul & The Broken Bones are the real deal. 4/5 stars


Nikki Minja featuring Ariani Grande, “Bed” – A lot of what you’d expect from, a seductive sexy track from the Queen of naughty pop. Ariani Grande jumps in the track adding flavor to the track. Is this track much different than Minja’s other tracks? Not very but with lyrics like “Got a bed with your name on it. Got a kiss with your name on it” I can’t really argue with it. It’s typical Nikki Minja, sexual boarding on vulgar, hot beats and exactly what you’d expect. Ariani Grande is a nice addition to the track, together to two continue on their journey to bring us the hottest, most sexual, sounds coming from females in Hip Hop today. 4/5 stars


Drake, “Elevate” – Drake, on top of the world right now with 7 tracks on the Billboard Top 100 and this track reflects that. A song that is very much in Drake’s unique style and true to the new release entitled Scorpion. The song goes down the path of Drake’s coming up through up to his current success. In this track it’s clear that Drake is grateful for his success and winks at some of his methods for becoming the rapper his is today. 4.5/5 stars



Jared Rosenberg


“I Said Hi”-Amy Shark: An upbeat and well received tribute to rock history. Amy Shark’s "I Said Hi," enriches the ears of all that will listen with a onslaught of electric guitar and strained vocals. Although, nothing about Shark’s song is original, she does bring to light a certain vibe that we have not yet heard this summer. Her lyrics and instrumentals bring together a sound reminiscent of The Beach Boys, and her voice that of a louder Bare Naked Ladies. The tune does also have a sort of eloquence to it, bring it’s ranking up to a 3/5.

"Boomin’ in your Jeep”-Crystal Fighters: Pop at it’s pop(iest). “Boomin’ in your Jeep” by the Crystal Fighter exemplifies all that is wrong with music today. Over saturated with electronic synthesization and lacking in the actual instruments. Voices so auto tuned, they could be replaced with AI. Nothing about this song is appealing to the ear of a lover of classic… anything. Although, the catchy beat and relatable lyrics will catch the ears of some, “Boomin’ in you Jeep,” will definitely be remembered. However, ridiculous the title card. 1/5.

“Relax”-Frankie goes to Hollywood: A classic hit of the 80’s. The greatest thing about “Relax,” is that Frankie goes to Hollywood could have been writing their song about anything. Although, it’s pretty obvious what “relax, just do it” actually means. The song was/is undoubtably a hit. Being used in film and music ever since its original release. However, upon listening to it more than once, we are forced to ask, what actually makes it a hit? 3/5.

“Growing Pains”-Alessia Cara: Why is it that sampling television shows, movies, and famous speeches, seems to be the new trend? It can be done right, and has been, just not here. Cara opens with an odd drop off, only to talk about growing up for three minutes. A more appropriate title would have been “puberty.” Everyone knows growing up is difficult. Complaining about it to the very people who are currently experiencing it doesn’t help anyone. It’s too bad the song is lacking in advice. 2/5

“I Love you like a Brother”-Alex Lahey: Following in the tracks of “FRIENDS,” at least half the population is forced to, yet again, endure another tragedy about being passed over. At least this one follows in the footsteps of rock and roll and not post pop. The guitar is impressive as are the vocal ranges exude by Ms. Lahey. All in all, Lahey has created quite an impressive song. Message aside, “I Love you like a Brother” earns it’s 3.5/5.

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