Dave Matthews Band at Darien Lake PAC June 28, 2018

July 5, 2018



Sitting in The Busted Barrell Saloon  waiting for the rain to pass. Even after 20 years, Darien Lake holds a special place in my heart. The under enthusiastic carnival game tenants, the rides I’ve rode dozens of times. The once frightening roller coasters and me Mike Wilson here this gray and overcast afternoon waiting for Dave Matthews.

I came early. Way too early. The afternoon calm has come to a place bordering on, well boredom.


Arriving this morning the clouds were ahead of schedule, I waited a brief five minutes before being allowed to enter the coral that is Darien Lake. The wait, the anticipation, what it’s all about. A security guard let me and some others through and the excitement began.


Before midday several rides had been added to the day’s list of accomplishment, including all of those once frightening coasters. Boxes checked on the water slides by 1pm.


For those of you new to Dave Matthews Band or ‘DMB’, it’s important to know that the show starts a few hours prior to the show in the parking lot. What happens in the parking lot? Typical tailgating, listening to music, playing catch or cornhole. Making new friends. Home places seemingly divided equally between Buffalo and Rochester, my new neighbors took me in. Good times were had by all, and we began to make our way toward the venue. The music gods kept their watchful eye on us; that ever so typical Western New York grey and gloomy day surprised us all by clearing the rain clouds in time for Dave and The Band to take stage.


Dave is quite the character and gives a lively performance. In his words “Play something old, play something new and hope that you have a good time”. All the classics were played “Crash”, “Satellite” as well as some tracks from the new album. The night went beautifully as every DMB concert tends to do. The best way I could describe a DMB show is every Saturday morning you wake up with a hangover wondering “Who else parties this way?”


Well DMB fans party the same way you party. It’s a certain comradery that is most certainly soothing to the live music fan. Making it three solid hours of live music with your closest best friends you never knew you had, something that is its own kind of therapy for those of us held captive by the fluorescent light, concrete office park jungle.


A great way to liven up your June in Western New York. Listen to Dave Matthews Band. 4/5 stars

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