New This Week- July 2, 2018

July 2, 2018

Matt Rosen



“The Kids are Alt-Right”-Bad Religion: This creative mix of grunge and alternative pop, creates a sound reminiscent of the anti-protest songs of the Cold War. Although, the lyrics may not resinate with us until decades from now, “The Kids are Alt-Right” absolutely sends a message. With a far more upbeat tone than Passengers “A Kindly Reminder,” “The Kids are Alt-Right” attempts to spread it’s message to a less subtle crowd; and does so successfully. In addition to it’s message, the song brings with it an alternative sound that has been long since missing from this generations rock music. The catchy sound coupled with he compelling music earns this ballad a 4/5 stars.



Jonas Blue Ft. Jack & Jack “Rise”

A catchy pop song about typical pop songy-stuff. A dance beat similar to what you’d expect anywhere in pop music at the moment in the intro. The song picks up a little bit, leaving my bass head self to crave a drop. There is no drop, a nice light keyboard driven dance track. Simple lyrics, nice tones, good pop on the drums but in the end I feel a bit like I had cotton candy. I would give Jonas Blue’s videos more stars, the tracks are typical pop stuff, sweet, tasty, gone before you know it. 2.5/5 stars


Social House Ft. lil Yatchy “Magic in The Hamptons”

This track to me mostly sounds like ‘the return of lil Yatchy’, a similar feel to last years hit “Broccoli”. A simple soulful beat and a catchy tune about partying in The Hamptons. It’s got the feel of a song of summer, possibly something that may find it’s way into heavy rotation. Generally I feel it’s mostly too short at only 2:45, not that I necessarily like it and want to hear more but I feel like it’s a little light on content the way it plays today. Nothing about it I really like or dislike. 2.5/5 stars


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