Bonnaroo Concert Review: Paramore

June 22, 2018


Paramore had a huge year musically. They had multiple hits in 2018, loads of plays on 89.1 The Point All that good luck belongs to vocalist Hayley Williams, guitarist Taylor York, drummer Zac Farro and on bass Jeremy Davis. The group formed in 2004 out of Franklin Tennessee. So one could imagine a band Tennessee natives with so much momentum in the music industry right now that playing Tennessee’s biggest music festival would be a big deal for the group. And it was a huge deal.


I had just left Manchester Orchestra making my way over to ‘Which Stage’ my head swam in music the summer heat dwindling in the breeze to a warm cool wrap surrounding ‘the farm’. As I entered ‘Which Stage’ I could begin to pick up that Paramore had taken the stage.


Paramore has a great sound. Just enough pop, just enough rock with vocals that make this music critic wonder am I hearing the next pop sensation in William’s voice. She has a way of singing that owns the lyrics brightening them up while maintaining their depth. The tunes they play cross a very nice line of ‘should I be enjoying this?’ Immediate perceptions, it’s too poppy, too upbeat yet it still maintains its authenticity as legit rock music. It’s almost like bubblegum funk rock made of plastic that tastes amazing.


Paramore played every song I know. I should note I first heard of Paramore on The Point and every song I know of theirs is from our playlist. They really hit up the stage as the Tennessee sun set Paramore shined with tunes like “Ain’t it Fun” and “That’s what you get” as well as a smattering of tracks from their most recent release After Laughter 2017.



Anyone who isn’t a believer in the power of Bonnaroo, the power of music and the power of Paramore check out the video below. As Hayley Williams said before closing out the set “Enjoy the music, be present and dance.” 


4.5/5 stars


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