New This Week- June 18, 2018

June 18, 2018

Girls- Rita Ora


This song shows how fun it will be right from the beginning. In such a progressive time in America, and the LGBT movement on the rise, we needed a legitimate hit to represent that community. That is Girls by Rita Ora. Throughout the song she makes multiple references about her bi-sexuality, but doesn’t let it take away from the song. As if this song needed any help, it doesn’t hurt to have Bebe Rexha, Charli XCX, and America’s newest star Cardi B. 4.5/5 stars.


Almost Love- Sabrina Carpenter

Almost love, is almost good. The song starts with a fun almost mysterious beat that stays consistent throughout the song. I think where this song loses me is the lazy lyrics. Don’t get me wrong I think the vocal delivery is solid but I don’t feel like some of the lyrics have much meaning behind them. There is too much repetition of the same line that isn’t done successfully. When I hear lines like “ We could give it a minute but what's the fun in a minute when we could push all the limit” or “Can you feel the tension rising now you're, now you're getting it close
now you're, now you're getting it close” it comes off as lazy writing to me. The music saves this song from a lower grade, while I still believe this song could be a hit. 2.5/5 stars


I’m A Mess - Bebe Rexha



This song had me hooked from the start. The guitar intro is a really nice touch for the beginning of this song, and a great place to start as the song’s intensity builds to the chorus where she calls back the guitar riff. This song showcases how even celebrities can still deal with the stresses of everyday life, and possibly dealing with mental illness. She uses this though to make it more relatable to her audience and I believe it was done very well. I think the catchiest part of this song has to be the pre-chorus leading into the chorus which keeps me hooked until the end. 4.7/5 stars. 



From Mike Wilson:


“The Grey” by Thrice. The song opens with some guitar licks mixing a heavier metal sound with a bluesy undercurrent, double bass drums and a melody bringing this song to the refrain. The lyrics are sung with mainstream alternative rock stylings. Trice shows their range as a rock group covering blues, heavier guitars and an alternative rock lyricism. Thrice hits all the modern rock attributes popular with emerging rock groups without sounding like they’re fighting for the same fans as other artists; Thrice has their own style, a style that’s worth giving a listen. 4/5 stars


“She’s Kerosene” by The Interrupters.


You know classic eternally influential sounds that of Rancid and Operation Ivy? That ska punk rift that gets illuminated once or twice a decade? The Interrupters are it. Like Rancid and Op Ivy, The Interrupters are carried by Hellcat records. As were at one time Drop Kick Murphys. This group of artists mix a style so uniquely curated by Hellcat Records that the distinct sound of The Interrupters makes Wilson excited about the punk/ska genre of music for the first time in a great number of years. Without a doubt, must listen to group of the summer. 5/5 stars


“Feel it all” by Vinyl Theatre. A group of young musicians from Wisconsin formed in 2012 and walk the line of modern pop music with their track “Feel it all”. Honestly I can always dig a live band that sounds like electronic music. It’s fun to see talented young musicians doing their thing, my take is their fresh faces and fresh sound lacks the depth of what I really dig and their bubble gum sound isn’t pop enough for the kid in me. These guys are obviously talented, their other tracks have a good feel but for Wilson this track isn’t it. 2/5 stars

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