Papa Roach: Crooked Teeth

August 28, 2017




The album is strikingly different than their previous music. The songs change genres in between the same song and over the course of the entire album. “Help” is my favorite song on the album because it is up tempo and its similar to “Scars” which is favorite Papa Roach song. I feel that the band is at their best when the music is upbeat and the lyrics contain a dark anthem.

“My Medication” starts off in the style of rock but it then ventures into the rap territory. After the opening stanza the song veers into the rap style which I wasn’t expecting but sound it enjoyable.


“Born for Greatness” seemed to stealing the melodies and riff from Imagine Dragons. I found the composition of the song very engaging but it sounded to similar several of the Imagine Dragons songs.

The lyrics in the song “American Dreams” suggests that it’s political based. The narrator of the song mentions that something seems wrong from his American eyes and he can’t sleep. What I got from this song is that trying to achieve our dreams are harder than it was many years ago.  The narrator wants to know the truth which is probably seeking the truth from the government about the direction of the country. 

I found the song “Periscope” to be the most boring song on the album. It’s a duet featuring Skylar Grey but it felt like one person should have sung it instead of a collaboration. It’s a slow song and I don’t feel any strong emotions while listening to it that I feel for the other songs.


Lead singer Jacoby Shaddix brings emotion and passion to every song which no one can deny. Shaddix has had a turbulent life so I wouldn’t be surprised if many if not all of the songs on the new album are based on his personal experiences and struggles in his life up to this point.


Like any band, Papa Roach has evolved and they continue to produce high quality music while experimenting with other genres to keep up with the other bands around them.

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