Linkin Park: One More Light

June 21, 2017



The first thing that is immediately noticeable is that the entire album is toned down from fans have come to know from the band. The signature screaming from lead singer Chester Bennington is absent if diehard fans were anticipating more continuation of song compositions on this album. This is the bands seventh studio album and it appears that as a band they have matured since they formed in Agoura Hills, California in 1996. It almost seems like as an aging band in the music industry they attempted to change their style to be more commercial for more sales and generating more fans.


 The songs all contain lyrics that communicates real emotion that audiences can to relate to. My favorite song on the album is “One More Light” because when the words flow from Bennington’s mouth like the song is from a personal experience. This is the most mellow song I have ever heard from them and I personally believe it is the best song on the album. The infliction in Bennington’s voice suggests that it’s a form of therapeutic remedy to heal from a bad relationship. 


“Sorry for Now” for now is my second favorite song. The majority of the songs are about reflecting on life and the decisions they have made and how they weren’t the right ones. The arrangement and composition of the song makes me wish more of their songs were likes this. This song is primarily sung by Mike Shinoda with Bennington on backup vocals. “Sorry for Now” has a strong, catchy melody, and a structure that provides a balance of variety and repetition.


The band has been characterized in the genre of alternative metal, and has experimented with of hip-hop, modern rock, and atmospheric electronica into their music. This is the first album that I have listened to the whole thing mainly because of the style change. I can tolerate Bennington’s screaming but not in all of their songs.


Without the anger and the power chords this new style from Linkin Park might be hard for some to grasp and to maintain interest but I enjoy this new sound from the band. Whether they stay with this new style remains to be seen. 

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