Chase Huglin: You Deserve an Island

October 11, 2016



Mid-terms are coming up guys, so I figured I would review an album that will help us all to relax. From the same vein as artists such as Plug in Stereo and the disgraced Front Porch Step comes Invogue Record’s Chase Huglin. His album “You Deserve an Island” is hipster, record store indie rock, done well. This album could be called saccharine by some, but I call it passionate, and representative of the views held by many people our age. The album was so successful that it received acclaim from the band Hawthorne Heights


The album begins with the adorable “wind chimes” and yes, the song does incorporate wind chimes. The title track is short as to give but a taste what is to come.


The song “Pills” comes second. An acoustic guitar accompanies the vocals. Chase’s vocals are on point during this song, a hard hitting love/hate ballad. “How drunk do you have to when you drop me off/ cuz I don’t wanna talk about my problems like that will solve anything at all” This track was released as a single.


“Niagara” is my favorite track from the album. I interpret this song as being about someone telling you what you should do with your life, but saying that you should do what you think is best. The instrumentals are subtle on this track.


“You Deserve an Island”, the title track, is one of the more upbeat tracks from the album. The song speaks of growth and progression within a relationship.


To conclude, I wouldn’t call this album especially bold or one that carries a strong statement, but it is a soothing release for sure. This album is the fuzzy sweater or warm soup when you’re sick of music.


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