Misgiver: Cruelty of Life EP

August 8, 2016



Alright guys, this week I'm taking it local. Misgiver, a hardcore band from Elmira NY, has only existed since 2014 but they have used that time to make a name for themselves. I saw them live last month and they were the most brutal band of the night.


Their new release starts off with the rowdy "607", which is an allusion to their hometown. This a purely instrumental track that serves to build tension for the music to come. 

Tunnel vision has a long intro but again, its about building the suspense. When the lyrics do begin they are brutal, and throughout the song the guitar shreds are intense. A lot is packed into two minutes with this one. 


Next up is "Short End" another roughly two minute song. I like how their are instrumental breaks between each stanza. Towards the end of the song is a gnarly breakdown. If you watch any of their live videos you will see how crazy the crowd gets during the group's performances. 


"God's Acre" is possibly the heaviest song on this release, and one of my favorites. The vocals resonate, and the lyrics stay with you.

The title track is up next. It's a rather short song, yet enjoyable. There are no pauses this time, just straight up vocals. 


I want to take a minute to say that I appreciate the group's lyrics and that the essence of hardcore lives on in Misgiver. If you want to see this awesome local band, look up their YouTube channel or their Facebook page.



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