Mike Posner: At Night, Alone.

May 25, 2016



Mike Posner is best known for his way back single Cooler Than Me and now for his

recent single I Took a Pill in Ibiza. The album immediately begins with a track where

Posner states that the album is best listened to at night and alone, which is exactly

what I did. The first song is his original version of I Took a Pill in Ibiza that I like

more than the remix. The song is much slower and accompanied by an acoustic

guitar. It works better with the meaning of the lyrics and the tempo matches the

mood and tune to what I feel Posner was trying to portray. Following is Not That

Simple and continues with the softer melody, lyrics, and mood. This song has a sad

meaning behind it and is easily received. Be As You Are is one of my favorites on the

album. The meaning behind the song is strong and something everyone should

believe in. It still follows the slower tempo but does not limit its strength as a song.

In the Arms of a Stranger begins slightly softer but begins to increase as the song

goes on. It has undertones of choir usage especially in the chorus. It is clear by this

point in the album, Posner wanted to have strong meanings to each of his songs. The

following song Silence – Labrinth has a cool beat under the beginning verse and

continues without really any instruments and is only the beat and Posner’s voice.

Once the chorus comes in the song really comes alive and Posner displays his vocal

range capabilities. The instruments under his voice create a stronger impact for the

song. The song also features artist Labrinth for the second verse and is a great

contribution to the song. Iris is another one of my favorites on the album. It begins

with a softer tone, which it holds throughout the first verse. Posner’s first verse is

heart-aching and taps into everyone’s wishes to be better than they are. The

meaning behind this song is what I feel makes such a powerful impact and pulls on

the heartstrings when listening to alone late at night. Only God Knows begins with

choir and somewhat gospel tones. In its beginning it is only Posner’s voice and

seems very much as if he is singing a storybook. The chorus returns with the choir

and then continues with the single voice and no instruments. Jade, probably my

favorite song on the album begins with a folk/rock tone and immediately got me.

Then after the intro verse it becomes very alive and throughout the whole song is

head nodding and full of energy. The use of the filter on Posner’s voice for this song

is also a great addition to the tone and folk mood of the song. One Hell of a Song is

much calmer than the previous song. Posner speaks of changing his life and how it is

currently. It is another song that features his inclusion of God that has been seen in

the album. Buried in Detroit is definitely a song to listen to alone, at night. It is

powerful and moving with the use of piano and string instruments. Posner’s

message in the song is sad but humble. The album ends with a track that is Posner

thanking you for listening. Thank you Mike Posner, for this amazing album and let’s

hope he creates some more great music in the future.

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