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Inductee Class of 2019

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Stephanie Lynn Nicks, more commonly known by her stage name Stevie Nicks has been involved in music since she was young, joining her first band in high school. Nicks will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year based on her solo career, however, this is not her first induction into the Hall of Fame. She was inducted in 1998 as a band member of Fleetwood Mac when the band was inducted into the Hall of Fame. 21 years later, Nicks will be making her way back to the induction ceremony through her career as a solo artist. Nicks released her first solo album in July of 1981 called Bella Donna. This album went places as it charted at #1 on the Billboard 200. Since then she has released seven other solo albums, with the latest release being in 2014. Nicks will be the first woman in history to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. 


Stevie Nicks


The Cure

English band “The Cure” made great strides in the gothic rock and new wave genres. Active since 1976, the band not only became a hit in the punk scene but made popular hits that became more mainstream in the late ’80s and early ’90s, such as “Just Like Heaven”, and “Friday, I’m in Love”. During their peak in the ’80s, they performed a show at the Giants Stadium that sold 30,000 tickets in one day and another concert directly after which was a sold-out Wembley Stadium. As of 2004, The Cure sold just over 27 million records and has had 5 songs chart above the top 50 mark on Billboard. The Cure will make a fine addition amongst the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. 

This band gained notoriety during the british heavy metal movement through the late seventies and early eighties. After the name Def Leopard was originally proposed, former drummer Tony Kenning suggested Def Leppard so they wouldn’t be mistaken for a punk band. Lead singer Joe Elliott and bass guitarist Rick Savage are the only two members to have been with the band from the very beginning. Rick Allen replaced Kenning after one year while Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell would fill in for Pete Willis and Steve Clark respectively over time. Clark is the only past or present member who is no longer alive, having died from alcohol poisoning in the early nineties. With hit songs such as “Pour Some Sugar on Me,” “Armageddon It” and “Rocket,” Def Leppard rose to fame as is proud to join the ranks among the greatest hard rock bands this spring.


Def Leppard


Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson is a prominent figure in pop-culture, she had started her career with television. In 1982, Janet had signed a recording contract with A&M Records. With the release of her third and fourth albums she became recognized as a pop icon. She took the music industry by storm having sold an estimated 160 million records. Jackson isn’t just selling records, she has set a few too. Currently she holds the world record for being the most searched person in internet history. A couple more notable awards she has earned include eleven American Music Awards, five Grammy Awards, nine MTV Video Music Awards, and eleven Billboard Music Awards. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of her current total of 204 awards won. She has effectively changed the music industry with her own sonically innovative, socially conscious and sexually provocative music. As well as influencing hundreds of other artists across multiple generations. 

    Radiohead was formed in 1985 in England. The rock band, made up of Thom Yorke (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Ed O’Brien (guitar, background vocals), Jonny Greenwood (guitar), Colin Greenwood (bass guitar), and Philip Selway (percussion), made their way to fame through their renowned hit “Creep,” post-release of their first album, Pablo Honey. After a brief hiatus ending in 2014, Radiohead began working on their ninth album, A Moon Shaped Pool. Radiohead currently has three Emmys for Best Alternative Music Album, as well as four Ivor Novello Awards, an MTV Music Video Award, nine NME Awards, four Q Awards, and a PLUG Award. 




Roxy Music

An English rock band that became prevalent in Europe and Australia in the 1970s while they worked to pioneer Glam Rock, Roxy Music earned their place among the legendary musicians in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by bringing a new and refined sound to the Summer of Love tone that had developed and become so defined in the niche of rock and roll. The group began to pave the way for Punk Rock while using visually and musically sophisticated tones to electrically light up the stage. They really became one of Britain's star pupils when they made the Rolling Stones The Immortals-100 The Greatest Artists of All Time. When their final album "Avalon" made platinum in 1982, it seemed set that the band would be inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Nearly 40 years later, that dream has come true.

An English rock band formed in 1962, The Zombies have been transforming soft rock and influencing the development of electrical rock and roll for more than half a century. Throughout the 60s the group scored major hits with "She's Not There," "Tell Her No" and "Time of the Season." The groups tireless efforts lead to "Odessey and Oracle" appearing on Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The groups influential work with Psychedelic Pop and Baroque Pop has more than earned them their slot, immortalized, in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


The Zombies

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