• Gio Battaglia

Track-By-Track: Taylor Swift's Debut Album (2006)

With Taylor Swift dominating 2020 with her eighth studio album, "folklore," we have decided to revisit the first we heard from Swift. This 2006 LP contains songs that she had written as early as the age of 14, and with the album being released at 17 you never know the quality of the music you are going to here. Taylor is what you're going to want to hear.

Track 1: Tim McGraw (10/10)

This start to the album also makes for the perfect lead single, very strategic planning. On this track written by Swift and Liz Rose, she takes the household name of Tim McGraw and talks about him the way her fans in 2020 will now talk about her, hoping that the lasting impact you leave on a broken relationship will be the obsession of the celebrity so that you're stuck in their mind forever. A beautiful concept and Swift executes that perfectly.

Track 2: Picture To Burn (7.5/10)

Swift switches lanes quickly on this track to a more upbeat style with heavy guitar and strong percussion to look back on this relationship with a lot of pent up anger and frustration, and that energy definitely comes through on this track! Swift shows a lot of resentment toward a love gone wrong and allows for an anthem to be appreciated by those angry at one they love.

Track 3: Teardrops On My Guitar (10/10)

Oh. My. Gosh. The nostalgia on this track was coming through in waves while listening to this. This song is really a lyrical masterpiece that takes the innocence of a teenage crush, the character titled "Drew," and creates a relatable story of getting butterflies at school whenever they walk by, but Swift adds a twist to this love and adds to Drew's story line of him already having a lover and Swift is alone in the corner. This stylistic change throughout a track list of songs about "the boy" makes for a listening session that does not feel redundant.

Track 4: A Place in this World (7/10)

Swift takes a break from looking at those who have broken her heart and begins to look for some self-reflection of where she fits in the world and opens up about feeling, well, out of place in the world. While this sounds more of a filler track, it switches up the story line in the album and allows listeners to have self-reflection in themselves as well and wonder where they fit in.

Track 5: Cold As You (9/10)

This song is a beautiful album track. Not only does Swift provide some of her best vocals in the album, but the emotion she is singing about helps tie in for a passionate listening experience for both Swift and the fans. This was one of my favorite songs off of the album. The comparison of temperature of a place to how a person acts towards someone is not failed and is clearly communicated. One of the standout tracks of the album.

Track 6: The Outside (8/10)

Swift's signature sound is prominent in this track. This song is a fan-favorite that many feel is underrated, and that may be because it takes a few listens to really connect with this track. Upon initial listen, I thought it was a weaker song on this album, but did not want to give up on it. After a few listens, this earns the title of one her most underrated. A solid track.

Track 7: Tied Together with a Smile (9/10)

This song is more for the listener. Swift takes this opportunity for almost a session of therapy for this person to try to explain a few feelings that could be considered to be concealed by them. The prominent line in this song is in the hook, saying "No one knows that you cry, but you don't tell anyone." While it is unclear if this song is to a friend or a lover, the connection of a relationship that Swift executes in this song makes her a friend I would want to have around and allows for the person to open up and be vulnerable with Swift, creating a safe space and a beautiful track.

Track 8: Stay Beautiful (7/10)

"Stay Beautiful" was not one of my favorites on the album upon initial listen, which could be because of the song before it having such a beautiful and different message. But after a few listens, I can learn to appreciate it. Swift switches the spotlight back on herself and a crush, this time the character being named "Cory," but talks more about him and how precious and pure his presence in her life is. A typical Swift track, but still appreciated.

Track 9: Should've Said No (10/10)

I love this song. So much. Taylor knew that it was time for a headbanger and she delivered exactly that and it is one that is appreciated by fans and locals for eternity. The hook of this song is absolutely incredible and one of that standout tracks of the album that mixes the nostalgia of the late 2000's while not overshadowing the real message of the song.

Track 10: Mary's Song (Oh My My My): 10/10

One of the most underrated Taylor Swift songs ever with her signature sound. Taylor goes back even further than high school to a love that blossomed in the early and innocent childhood days and takes the verses to tell the story and comes in with a beautiful chorus trying to remember that place of innocence and where organic love began. This song is absolutely beautiful and is the underdog of the album.

Track 11: Our Song (10/10)

There is no doubt this song is a classic. Swift takes this chance to explain how she feels the need to add more cutesie things to the relationship and her lover reminds her what they already have throughout the chorus. There is not much to explain in this song other than it is a bop and the perfect closer to the album.


I'm Only Me When I'm With You (7/10)

Invisible (10/10)

A Perfectly Good Heart (6/10)