• Gio Battaglia

Track-By-Track: Fearless (Taylor Swift)

Fearless (8/10):

This is a very strong opener for the album. Taylor does a good job of having the opening song represent the whole album, and this track does exactly that! With a chill beginning into a memorable chorus, this one will be one that you find yourself humming randomly throughout the day. Keeping her country twang, this meets in the middle of Taylor's signature country/pop song.

Fifteen (10/10):

This is one of Taylor's most emotional and relatable songs ever. This is a song that people listen to on their wedding day, graduation, any big milestone event and reminisce on more innocent times, here talking about freshman year and being a teenager and trying to fit in and discover who you are. The character Abigail also comes into play a lot when fans recall this song. The fact that Swift is the sole writer on this song makes it even more personal and a reason why fans love it.

Love Story (10/10):

There are so many key elements of this well known Swift classic. Between the nostalgia and the production on this song, this will go down as one of Swift's most remembered songs, another one for weddings. Heck! Fans at her own concert proposed to their fiancés during this one. This is the thing about Taylor's music, it isn't selfish. She talks about things that people want to relate to and can easily relate to while being in love.

Hey Stephen (9/10):

This song serves as one of the more calming songs on the album. Swift takes a break from hard choruses and hooks and pens more of a simple letter to "Stephen." A solid track on the album, I can understand why people really enjoy this one. It's a strong song.

White Horse (10/10):

Talk about a tearjerker! No wonder Taylor holds the title of heartbreak queen, she knows how to do it! "White Horse" talks about not accepting forgiveness after giving someone so many chances, and how sometimes we can get so deep in what we feel is love that we forget exactly what we deserve from the person we give our whole heart to. The symbolism of the "White Horse" object really sums up the message perfectly

You Belong With Me (10/10):

Swift picks up the pace of the album with one of her household tracks. This song continues the ride on the relatability train of being jealous of the person who has the person you like. I think not only the perfect lyrics portrays this message, but also the fast paced tempo of the energy of having a crush. A song that's message will echo for eternity.

Breathe ft. Colbie Caillat (7/10)

Upon initial listen to this song, I really did not like it. It could be because it has to follow the masterpiece that is "You Belong With Me." But I thought it lacked the lyrical depth and construction that classifies a true Swift song. I think it fits the theme of the album, but it is not one I would have a craving to listen to. I do enjoy the bridge of this song a lot, I will give it that. It may be a grower for me.

Tell Me Why (7/10):

The production and instrumentation of this song is remarkable. The instrument that repeats a specific rhythm from the beginning of the song is one that will make this track immediately recognizable and a fan favorite for sure. I don't have much to comment about this one.

You're Not Sorry (9/10):

The EMOTION on this track creates an imagery of being in your car singing out your frustration, which automatically means it is one of the standout tracks of the album. Sometimes a message of heartbreak can feel redundant if done repeatedly, but Swift's lyrical mastermind is able to depict to a different part of love each time she picks up the pen for a fresh sound, which is evident on this song.

The Way I Loved You (10/10): Without a doubt, the standout track on the album. Swift switches back to her almost adolescent sound that can send a sense of passion to anyone when describing the male character who she had devoted her whole heart too. The energy of both of the vocals and the instruments leaps off of the speakers and into the body of the listener. This track is so well written it is indescribable and is without a doubt, the best song on this album for me.

Forever & Always:

Standard Version (8/10)

The lyrics on this song were so close to making it to claim the title of the standout track of this album, but it kind of takes a little bit of time to get a grasp of the instrumentation. Swift delivers magnificent vocals and harmonies on this track. Even though there is no lyrical difference on the standard version and the piano version...

Piano Version (10/10):

...something about the piano version really gives the song what we needed. Hearing it in a more intimate light with just the piano creates for a more vulnerable connection for the listening experience. A strong title translated into a strong song. Very well done. There is two moods to the different versions of this song which is hard to do, but is a success here.

The Best Day (8/10): Taylor talks about herself reminiscing about how innocent childhood was and never having cares or concerns for the world other than being with that one friend and then growing up and having to deal with bullies and realizing sometimes there are sad days. The verses are really strong, and Swift creates a beautiful plethora of imagery in this song in the most perfect way and explaining how thankful she is for life even when it sometimes gets her down. This is something we see from Taylor a lot, but it really stands out on this track.

Change (10/10):

Ms. Swift goes rock! This song has such a strong melody and both the energy in the vocals and instruments lead the song to be a successful rock hit, that does not make it too far off from the sound of the rest of the album, but can put itself in it's own lane. And it is the perfect closure to a beautiful album.


Untouchable (10/10)

Jump Then Fall (10/10)

The Other Side of the Door (10/10)

Superstar (8/10)

Come In With The Rain (6/10)