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These Nights - We The Kings

“These Nights” is the first single released by We The Kings in 2 years and it was definitely an excellent arrival.

The fast intro with a quickly strumming guitar leads into a slow chorus emphasized by the bass drum. The song then speeds up again to a quick bass drum led verse discussing the wild nights that the singer has had in the past with his friends. With lyrics like “These nights were all we’ve ever wanted / Hand’s down nothing could ever top them” and the reminiscent sound of this Hot Topic bop, the entire song just brings you back to all the wild times that you’ve had as a teenager or young adult.

The song as a whole was a perfect alt-rock hit. Any fan of We The Kings or alt-rock would definitely enjoy this song but it is very genre specific and would not be great for everyone. However, everyone should give it a listen; especially if you want to be brought back to the 2000’s with this newly released song.


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