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The Wallows made a meme band and you're not ready for it.

Ok, so the general manager of the station refuses to let us play “Crabwalk” on the air. He said, “my job is to crush dreams”. However, the operations manager and program director are just as in love with this song as I am if not more. Also, I have access to the website’s account so… Get Rekt, Koz!

Anyway, a new band named Party in the Hills, which is really just an alter ego for The Wallows, has released their first single “Crabwalk”. It is the best song I have listened to at the station.

It’s got this ~vibey~ synthesized piano with some beautiful bass adding that *umph*. It also has the most delicate touch of symbols that I really appreciate and a nice drum beat to chill to. My favorite thing has to be the subtle and obviously restrained laughs that are just sprinkled throughout the song. However, the ending of the song repeating “booty” in different variations? *chef’s kiss*

The lyrics are mainly, “If you wanna be my baby girl, you’re gonna have to crab walk”. How do you crabwalk? Well, the song explains it perfectly! You “take your legs and put them on the ground. Take your hands and put them on the ground. Take your butt and put it in the air. Now you’re doing that crab walk thing”. After explaining the elegance of the crabwalk, the vocalist goes in-depth as to the specifics and love of the crab and its walk. My favorite line of the whole song is, “I’m a crab daddy”. My operations manager’s favorite is “come on over here with your crab a*s, b***h!”. I wish I could agree more but I’m a sucker for crab daddies.

The elegant sophistication of this song is frankly just too high for many to understand and enjoy. Party in the Hills is an acquired taste that can only be appreciated by those with the finest of palettes. However, I know the listeners here at 89.1 The Point have that, so if you’re reading this, I believe in you. Give it a listen, sweet crab.

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