• Kesa Janes

"Stuck With U" Review

During this year, we have all probably spent way more time with our significant others than usual. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many couples have been quarantined together with nothing to do. Celebrities are familiar with the feeling of being home with their beaus all day, including Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande, who decided to find something to do during quarantine. As a result, their newest duet, “Stuck With U” was born.

“Stuck With U” is Bieber and Grande’s first collaboration since 2015, when they came together for a remix of Justin’s hit song, “What Do You Mean”. Their new duet is all about the up’s and down’s of being quarantined with a significant other; which I can guarantee some of us have learned for ourselves.

The music video for the song shows Bieber quarantined with wife Hailey Baldwin, along with cameos by other celebrities such as Demi Lovato and Chance the Rapper. Ariana is shown alone in her home with nobody but her dog- until the end of the video, that is! The end of the music video shows her dancing with a mystery man in a black hoodie, confirming speculations of her new romance with real estate professional Dalton Gomez.

“Stuck With U” has a lovely sound to it, adding R&B elements and retro doo-wop influence to the already beautiful pop ballad. As usual, Ariana displays her wide vocal range throughout the song (three octaves, to be exact!)

Fun fact: This song was almost an Ari solo! But it was her idea to collaborate with Bieber on the song to make for more of a love song. I sure am glad that she came up with this idea, because their voices are great together.

In addition to being just an overall lovely sounding tune, the message of the song is something that all of us with a partner can probably relate to, especially with being cooped up in the house during the COVID-19 pandemic. Lyrics including “So go ahead and drive me insane/ Baby, run your mouth/ I still wouldn't change being/ Stuck with you” sums up the blessing and curse that is being stuck at home with a significant other all day. It can be obnoxious at times, but at the end of the day, I would assume there’s nobody else that we would want to be with more during this chaotic time in our world.

If you didn’t need more of a reason to listen to this song, proceeds from the song will be benefiting the First Responder’s Children’s Foundation, which aids the children of first responders that are putting their health on the line during this pandemic to continue working and serving their communities.