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Spencerport spoils Brockport senior night

BROCKPORT, N.Y. -- The Spencerport Rangers' varsity girls basketball team came on the road to battle the Brockport Blue Devils on their senior night. With this being the last game of both teams seasons, there was extra aggression and stronger defense throughout the whole night. The Rangers were able to knock off the Blue Devils, 40-32.

Rangers players lined up on defense against the Blue Devils. (Photo Credit: Matt Hanes)

The first quarter set the tone for how physical and defensive this game was going to go. The Rangers were showing off their resistance to the Blue Devils offense with senior guard Lundyn McCutchen playing full-court press and making some key steals that led to points. The Blue Devils tried to keep up with the Rangers defense but they were able to put up shots that led to a 11-5 score at the end of the first in favor of the Rangers. Spencerport Rangers coach Dan Johnson was asked about their defense after the game.

"Oh it's a massive deal," Johnson said. "We talk about it all the time. If we don't play tough, don't rebound, don't box out, don't help, we don't do all those little things. It just doesn't work."

Rangers coach Dan Johnson talking to his players after a timeout called by the Blue Devils. (Photo Credit: Matt Hanes)

The second quarter proved to become even more physical than the first, with charging calls from both teams. The Blue Devils began to pick up steam with an and-one layup from sophomore center Alexis Hassall, playing through the contact that the Rangers were enforcing. However the Rangers were able to put up constant offense, scoring 11 in the second quarter to bring the score to 22-15 at the half.

"We always stress about taking charges," Brockport Blue Devils coach Thomas Velletri said. "...just drills with that as far as taking them, how to do it the right way without getting hurt."

The third quarter was a monumental quarter for the Blue Devils, coming out swinging both defensively and offensively. They were able to hold the Rangers to zero points throughout the entire third quarter, which was the first time all season the Rangers were held scoreless in a quarter.

After a huge three-pointer from Blue Devils senior guard Maeve Petitti, the quarter ended all tied up at 22-22. Her ability to leave the other half in the past and pioneer a tied-up game in the third quarter is why she is so essential to this team as a guard and as a leader.

"I think one of the most important things is just flushing it," Petitti said. "...if you're not going to flush it then it's just going to stay with you the whole time."

Senior guards Maeve Petitti (left) and Lundyn McCutchen (right) before a play starts. (Photo Credit: Matt Hanes)

Moving into the fourth quarter, the Rangers were able to pick themselves back up and have an offensive show-out. Through physical layups and corner threes, they began to drive the score up on the Blue Devils, eliminating the momentum they had built in the third quarter.

The Blue Devils began to make an attempt to come back but Rangers sophomore forward Jorja Gray silenced any hopes with a dagger three-pointer late in the fourth quarter. Gray was the leading scorer for the Rangers with 14 points on the night and three three-point shots falling throughout the game.

"It's an important factor when it comes to how I play," Gray said. "When I'm hitting shots, it just gets everybody hyped up. It's an important part to get everybody up and ready to win."

Sophomore foward Jorja Gray making a free throw after being fouled. (Photo Credit: Matt Hanes)

After many fouls and free throws for the Rangers, the final score of the game ended up at 40-32 in favor of the Spencerport Rangers, ending a 3-game losing streak on the road.

With that game being the end of the regular season for both teams, Sectionals are up next for each team. The schedule for both teams' games is not announced yet but they will be on the Section V website within the week.


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