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Song Reviews: "Overdrive" by Conan Gray

The last time we heard from Conan Gray was when he took the summer by storm with the heartbreaking ballad, “Heather.” Now we are seeing Gray in a new light in the new year with his new single “Overdrive.” This power pop song is one that is going to have a lasting impact, with his electric sound and fast paced motions, it is one that is bound to make you feel good while listening. However, it is more than just the composition of the melody that will make you remember listening to it, it is the lyrics that Gray presents as well. “Don’t give a … about labels, throw the dice on the table, and just let ‘em roll.” Gray has been in the spotlight for more than their music, but also for their identity. Gray has been one to keep his sexuality private. And while notably and passionately addressing his love life in songs but is very adamant in having the sexuality stay in the music, and not so much in the general public on social media.

This song is your typical love song, it is one that to the general consumer will fit the vibes for their summer playlist, but someone who is a deep Gray fan, or enjoys to deeply interpret music, will see Gray’s point in the song, a universal message of, essentially saying, “I just want to have a good time with you, no labels and no rules.”

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