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Song Reviews 10/2/19

Alexis Holleran

“Lonely” by Diplo

Diplo’s new song is the result of the wedding reveal of Joe Jonas and his new wife Sophie Turner. Diplo live streamed the wedding on his Instagram, and it was full of love and inspiration for a new song. The song itself is a generic tune that talks about the complications about being alone and how relationships are a struggle. It doesn’t really set itself away from any of the other top billboard songs this year but its already making it way to the top. “Lonely” is coming off of Diplo’s new album “Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley” which is his real name. Based on interviews and articles, he plans to make a more pop country vibe with this album. If Wesley can deliver with this album its going absolutely climb the charts and kill it. 3/5

Daniel Curry

"The Bones (Dave Aude Remix)" by Maren Morris

American DJ Dave Audé adds a new sound to Maren Morris' "The Bones". Off of Morris' debut album "Girl", Morris sings about strength and foundation in a relationship, using a house or home as a metaphor. "When the bones are good, the rest don't matter, Yeah, the paint could peel, the glass could shatter" sings Morris. Audé's remix gives the song a new sound and style. He follows suit in many popular remixes, giving the song electronic, and beat heavy instrumentals. Accompanied by Morris' powerful vocals. Dave Audé's remix of "The Bones" becomes a powerful track overall. 4/5

Matt Wilson

“Writing on the Wall” by French Montana feat. Cardi B and Post Malone

French Montana’s collaboration with Cardi B and Post Malone, ‘Writing on The Wall has arrived. Fans of all three artists have been patiently waiting for the song after Montana released a sneak peak of the video for the song with some behind the scenes footage back in April. Jamaican singer and producer Rvssia also makes an appearance in this song. The way the song sounds combined with the high budget video made for it is a recipe for success on the pop charts. The song itself, however, is very lack luster. The verses by Cardi B and Post Malone are actually better than French Montana’s. There is nothing special about the song to make it stand out from similar sounding songs. Sure, it’s got a cool beat and you can dance to it, but it’s a song that is easy to forget. 2/5

Zach Adams

“Lonely Generation” by Echosmith

This song is pretty enjoyable. The basis of the tune is solid and catchy, and the chorus really soars. The production is clean, very radio friendly (or I guess playlist friendly in this day and age). The chorus also has this group vocal effect that got slightly grating once I had heard it so many times. If there is anything else negative I could say about this song, it’s that it doesn’t really throw me too much in the terms of sheer excitement. It kind of just plods along and then ends. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that I would recommend this song to someone who considers themselves a pop-alt fan, especially if they have liked something by Echosmith before. 3/5

Gio Battaglia

“Wave” by Meghan Trainor feat. Mike Sabath

Meghan Trainor is an artist known for her doo-wop, empowering, and upbeat pop hits such as “All About That Bass”, “Lips are Movin” and “NO!” that touch on female empowerment and how no one needs a man to be happy and consistently promotes self-love through her music. With her new release, Wave (featuring Mike Sabath), Meghan lets us see a different side of her, the side of love and lust that fans have questioned if she has… and with this song it was evident that it does exist in her vocabulary. The beginning of this song is a slowed and simple piano and vocal opening with Meghan talking about her want of a man that she can’t have and seems to be playing games with her, a common theme that is presented in most female pop songs. However, the way Meghan approaches this theme of a song is different in the sense this is not something we are used to from her, and for her first promoted song with this theme, she nails it out of the park. The collaborated artist on this song doesn’t really show a connection with Meghan, kind of sounds like he is just a filler for Meghan’s strong chorus. Overall, a good easy-listening song from Meghan. 3/5

Monica Williams

“Shelter” by FINNEAS

“Shelter” by FINNEAS is an interesting love ballad about a person longing for their partner’s protection. The beat of song is fast paced and captures the listener almost immediately, throughout the song FINNEAS's calm voice and poetic lyrics are what keeps the song afloat. The soft guitar chords and repetition of claps are what primarily maps out the entire song, which makes it seems like a calm ballad until the chorus, where the beat is sped up. His ‘’Give me shelter” chant is what reverberates throughout the chorus, which add diversity and a sense of urgency to the song. In an interview with Coup De Main FINNEAS explains, “Sometimes those songs are really liberating to write because I wasn’t having to etch my diary, the story of my life, into a song. I just had this thought, ‘I’d love to write a song called ‘Shelter’. Not exactly a new face in the music world, Finneas is the genius behind the eccentric yet addicting hits of the global dominating popstar Billie Eilish. If you listen closely enough in most of her songs, you can hear his voice complementing hers in the background and sounds as if they were beautifully intertwined. This song is not fall into the category of his better creations. 3/5

Cassidy Hayward

“Trampoline” by SHAED feat. ZAYN

A light electronic beat flows behind captivating and catchy lyrics throughout the entire song sucking listeners in. Patterns of beat buildups fill the song with an anticipation for every proceeding verse. ZAYN’s smooth vocals compliment SHAED’s light hearted falsetto as we listen to the two converse back and forth throughout the song about their love for one another. Upbeat whistling rings through the background of the song masking the powerful lyrics and eerie undertone messages delivered through the lyrics. This song is infatuating for listeners that crave a catchy melody and will not disappoint anyone wishing to be left with the song stuck in their head. 4/5