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Song Review: "Ungodly Hour" by Chloe x Halle

Updated: Jan 6

That was just alright, I suppose.

I think I had higher expectations for this song when I first heard the 80s keyboard synth in the beginning. I definitely wish there was a greater emphasis on the instruments, or at least a longer instrumental at the introduction before the singers jump in. It has always been interesting for me to witness how modern pop artists execute the incorporation of stylistic qualities from greater decades.

While the synths and beat are appealing, I just feel like there isn’t a whole lot going on in this track, and found a lot of its musical elements to be slightly repetitive, borderline unoriginal. The chorus most definitely caught me by surprise, as I was not expecting the peak of the song to be revealed so early on. The fact that the song almost immediately transitions into the chorus makes me wonder the level of honest consideration put into the development of this song.

I think that a lot of major pop artists face a lot of pressure in capturing the attention of listeners with an early hook, and by rushing the progression, the artist arguably loses out on the opportunity to demonstrate their original craftsmanship. The quality of music and songwriting is ultimately being diminished by mainstream media, as artists are struggling to compete for the public’s attention, to establish their brand, and make a profit.

But aside from my personal lack of interest and criticism of its repetition, I must admit that the song does manage to carry an admirable upbeat tone throughout. I also have to appreciate the clean and sparkle feeling portrayed by the vocalists, which fits really well alongside the mood and quality of the track’s 80s sound. Aside from the beginning, my favorite part of this song was definitely the repeated “love me”s followed by the “ahh” harmonies. The innocent, echoed vocals combined with the rich vocal harmonies gave me chills, if I am to be quite honest.

But overall, I personally am not a huge advocate for this track and all of its major components. I think if the artist demonstrated a greater balance between the instruments and the vocals, the song would feel stronger and have a greater impact on the listener. I would have also liked to have heard the vocalists veer from repetition in the melody, aiming for more creative improvisation to compliment the 80s vibe.

Better luck next time ladies.

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